UNICEF DAY : Generally stated as the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund is a world based organization that works for the welfare of the children. On the 11th of December every year, the organization celebrates UNICEF day. Typically, the organization works for the rights of those children who work in the toughest places across the whole globe. The authorities of this organization do not merely cover the disadvantaged children but also the adolescents who seek help in the protection of their rights in any way possible.



History of UNICEF


UNICEF is an organization that is spread across 190 countries as well as territories in the world that works for the protection of child rights. It is one of the largest vaccine providing organizations in the world that also take immense care of the safe water reach, sanitation facilities, education quality, HIV prevention, skill-building as well as handles mother care. The establishment of the organization was done on 11th December 1946 when there was an urgent need for medication and care for children who lost their parents or got affected during a war between China and Europe. Then its spread was broadened in 1950 when the organization began to deal with the needs of women and children for long-term assistance too. Finally, it became an official part of the United Nations system in 1953 when its name got diminished to the United Nations Children’s fund however the acronym UNICEF was kept as it was earlier.


The six-point plan that aims to protect the children:


The UNICEF is not merely an organization to provide support to needy children but it also stands against violence and exploitation of the children as well as adolescents. Scroll down to pay an eye to the 6-point plan of UNICEF that is based on the sustainable development goals as well as the convention on the rights of children.


  • It is essential to ensure that every child learns by shutting up the digital division.
  • It guarantees the accessibility of health and nutrition services to every child along with making vaccines available to them at reasonable costs.
  • It also takes the responsibility for the protection of the mental health of children by ending child abuse, gender-based violence, and children getting neglecting in their childhood.
  • Also, it aims to elevate the access to clean water, hygiene, sanitation facilities to everyone by limiting environmental degradation and controlling rapid climate changes.
  • It reverses the increase in the poverty rate among children by ensuring the inclusive recovery of everyone.
  • The protection of children from families affected by disasters, displacements, and conflicts is also included in the plan.


Even the flag of UNICEF also signifies mother and child from the globe circle present in it, which comprises a globe as well as olives leaves. From UNICEF Day 2020 theme, the UNICEF is trying to address the needs of children facing challenges by the COVID pandemic that shook the whole globe with its adversities.


All-in-all, it will not be wrong to say that UNICEF tries to work at the toughest places to reach every child who needs assistance.

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