UN Spanish Language Day April 23rd |History & Facts|

UN Spanish Language Day : Spanish Language Day marks the date of April 23rd. The significance of the occasion rests on pluralism by promoting the official languages. The Department of Global Communication has initiated this day so as to make sure that the masses understand the goals and actions of the UN. This can only be possible by sensitizing them about the importance of Spanish language along with the associated traditions and culture.

UN Spanish Language Day

UN Spanish Language Day
UN Spanish Language Day

UN Spanish Language Day – History

The history of World Spanish Language Day equally refers to the year 1926 when a writer namely Vicente Clavel Andres gave a proposal about celebrating a day which should speak about Spanish literature or in other words, it should be dedicated to beautiful work done by Spanish language.

Earlier, October 12th was observed as the day coinciding the date when Christopher Columbus discovered America, thereby creating a new beginning to the spread of Spanish language in the new area.  Later on the United Nations changed the date. Hence, in other words, it can be said that The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations  which is popularly referred as UNESCO is responsible towards creating the UN Spanish Language Day on April 23rd, in the year 2010.

Reason of choosing April  23rd

The new date is specifically chosen for commemorating the death of Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra who was a renowned thinker and writer which his country Spain duly remembers and feels proud of. He died in 1616.

The day is part of paying tribute to this legendary writer by reading the works of Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra in the form of Don Quixote, The Little Gypsy Girl, and The dialogue of the Dogs. The activities in detail really give us a sense about the rich cultural heritage of the Spanish literature.

The main reason for creating the day is to sensitize the masses about cultural diversity as well as multilingualism. Yes, like every language which has its associated traditionally rich significance, simply this second most popularly spoken language has a traditionally rich part to unfold.

How Spanish language is becoming popular

Spain witnessed the origin of the Spanish language. Considering the ever growing language, there are more than 450 million native Spanish speakers across the globe. After French and English, Spanish becomes the third most popular language which students have been using for studying purposes. One of the biggest highlights showcasing the massive popularity of the language has been where 75 million people know and use the language right in their daily life as the second language.

Spanish has become the official language with respect to 19 countries in the world.

How to celebrate the day

Argentina witnesses an International Book Fair in its capital city namely Buenos Aires during the week accompanying the specific date. The occasion brings various editors, readers, writers etc on a platform where they interact and narrate about things which they are passionate about that which is naturally the books along with academic related productions. These activities sensitizes about the importance and reasons of celebrating the specific day.

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