UN French Language Day

UN French Language Day : UN has six official languages for which the UN members celebrate different language days on set dates and days. Amongst those languages, French Language Day celebrations take place on 20th March every year. To know more about UN French Language Day, you can refer to the following article.

UN French Language Day

UN French Language Day
UN French Language Day

History of UN French Language Day

The introduction of the UN language days was done in 2010 as the organization wanted to celebrate the diverse cultures and existing multilingualism. These days are celebrated for all its six official languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and French. The main motive of these celebrations is to make people of the international community aware of their culture, history along with the use of every one of these languages.

As far as it is concerned about the specific date of the French Language Day, then it was chosen as a reference to 20th March of 1970 when Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation was created. Nowadays ACCT has been recognized as the International Organization of La Francophonie. Being a part and parcel of the UN75 initiative, the UN organizes various campaigns and events to reach as many people as it can. The primitive purpose of the UN is to make the global world a better community to live in.

Timeline of French Language Day

Here are some important dates that have special recognition in the lives of every francophone that you must know.

2010: In the year 2010, the UN recognized UN French Language Day as an official celebration to celebrate the existence of various languages across the globe.

1635: To maintain the sanctity and authenticity of the language in literature, Cardinal Richelieu laid the foundation of the French Academy this year.

842: It dates to the oldest known document that used Old French. The name of that document is the Oaths of Strasbourg.

5th Century AD: During this time, the Roman Empire conquered Gaul and that was the time when Gaulish language left the way for the Latin language.

Why and how we celebrate UN French Language Day?

To enjoy the existence of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation, International Day of La Francophonie cum UN French Language Day is celebrated every year. This day makes us all remember and cherish the history of French along with which it promotes multilingualism as well. There had been a plethora of famous French artists, writers, and poets and their efforts get recognition on the occasion of French Language Day.

Here are how celebrations are made a reality.

  • To learn the most romantic language and widely spread language of the world, people challenge their friends or teach them, French. These days, people join various available online courses to learn the same.
  • A plethora of other people enjoy the special occasion by savoring the taste of French cuisine.
  • Meanwhile, the most elite intellectual class prefers to become a part of discussions that focus on making the dream of a global family true by making people learn the languages of each other.

In a way, French Language Day is a medium to join the people by the means of a language or can say communication.

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