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UN English Language Day : April 23rd, is the date marked towards celebrating English Language Day at the UN. This is the date which was traditionally significant for the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare.

English Language Day is created with the basic aim of sensitizing masses about the way they get information and knowledge about history, culture, traditions as well as the achievements which this beautiful language has brought with itself. Considering that it is the most spoken language which not only bridges the gap but also brings its own utility in various sectors across the world.

English language has certainly fulfilled the void which would have otherwise been created in an age where the possibility of conversations with people would have been quite difficult and challenging.

UN English Language Day

UN English Language Day
UN English Language Day

Public Life

English Language is observed globally and the day creates its own charisma of arming others about the need to use it for academic purposes so as to cement the chances of getting lucrative job opportunties both on national as well as international level. Especially in today’s context, where the world has become a global village as companies hire best candidates where geographical distance doesn’t matter.

English Language Day : History

Go to any part of the world, chances are that you would initiate talking in English as it has the greatest possible area and exposure. Yes, English is the spoken language which is widely used. English and French are the working languages of the United Nation (UN). The day was created thanks to the 2010 initiative by the Department of Global Communications.

English is also one of the established languages for the Organization’s six official languages. Additionally, it has become a language for as many as 60 countries across the world and right with every passing day and year, it is set to gain even greater exposure and popularity.


How can we celebrate English Language Day

One can celebrate English language day by making use of the history associated with the same. You can plan your way in terms of the countries where it is spoken. Have you ever thought that English language may have different variations?  Yes, indeed. For example, Different countries have different accents. There are certain differences which can be easily found such as in American English, Canadian English, UK English as well as Scot English. Yes, all of them have their specific colloquialisms and slang which makes them too different with one another.


Multilingualism and the UN

The main objective of the UN’s language days is to feel honored and proud of multilingualism and cultural diversity while promoting all the six official languages namely Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish in the organization equally. The United Nations knows the importance of multilingualism as it creates a certain harmonious level of communication with masses. Yes, so naturally, it offers increased participation of people where they are equally interested to be a part of. Similarly, it creates better results due to the involvement of wide sections of people from various parts of the world.

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