The International Day Against Corruption

The International Day Against Corruption : Amongst several things that are common to all countries is corruption. It can exist in any form and at any level. Corruption can derail the moral character of any being and jeopardize the development in all aspects of a being and a nation.

Corruption exists at almost all levels of working at any place with less or more degree. The political structure of any country is the best example. Unfair practices are resorted to benefit the rich in return for political donations. The poor remain unheard and keep on living a deplorable life. The police collude with criminals and drug traffickers for monetary and other sorts of gains.

The International Day Against Corruption

The International Day Against Corruption
The International Day Against Corruption

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) designated December 9 as World Anti-Corruption day following a convention against corruption on October 31, 2003, by resolution 58/4. The convention came into effect in December 2005.  If we go by some figures made public by the United Nations, the amount that is used for bribes all over the world stands to be about $1 trillion while the amount that is stolen from corruption is about $2.6 trillion.

Many nations across the world face an ineffable degree of corruption that eventually leads to frequent rise and fall of local and national governments which undermine the development in all aspects. It is the result of widespread corruption and lack of willingness to contain it that we see a wide gap in the development level of different countries. Despite getting considerable aid every year, many countries have failed to improve the conditions of their citizens and infrastructure.

On this day, many events and campaigns are held by governments, private organizations, and NGOs to spread awareness about this maligning practice and where the people involved taking a pledge to never indulge in such practices and take a firm stand against anyone found guilty of actions that lead to corruption. Some organizations give awards as well to the people and their departments for the best fair practices.

Transparency International is “the global coalition against corruption” that publishes the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) every year that ranks countries based on the level of corruption there. As per CPI of 2019, the countries with the least corruption are New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Sweden while the countries that have been ranked as the most corrupt are Yemen, Venezuela, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, and Afghanistan. It also says that most of the countries show no improvement when it comes to tackling corruption.

It is also imperative that you inform the concerned department in your organization that handles such cases or government agencies set-up to control and stop corruption.

We all should do our part to stop corruption whichever way we can. People should instill good habits in their children. Also, the children must be taught about the adverse impact of corruption on society and the world. They must be rewarded for their good and honest behavior at home, schools, and public places. The legal system must be made more sound so that people respond to uphold the rules of law deter from indulging in corruption. It is by the efforts of everyone that we can stop corruption and bring prosperity and social and economic development to our surroundings.

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