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Speech for Special Occasions and Special Days and Dates

Malala Day Speech

By | August 23, 2019

Malala Day Speech On Malala Day various events are organized in schools and universities. Malala day represents importance of Education in one’s life. On this day almost every student is preparing  for something to share there part of feelings. Here below justquikr.com brought for you Malala Day Speech and i am sure it will truly… Read More »

Anti Narcotics Day Speech

By | August 15, 2019

Anti Narcotics Day Speech In current aeon , every one is thinking to get free from Drugs. Anti Narcotics Day Speech is celebrated for this cause. It is celebrated on 26 June. On this day various functions and camps are organized by Government as well as private firms.  In relation to this we have brought… Read More »

International Yoga Day Speech

By | August 5, 2019

International Yoga Day Speech As we all know now a days every School, College, Office celebrate this day with  a lot of enthusiasm. On this event teacher, students, guest get an honorable chance to deliver speech of motivation to  audience. So here i brought for you an International Yoga Day Speech and i hope it… Read More »

World Music Day Speech

By | July 30, 2019

World Music Day Speech Good morning/afternoon, On this particular day, we all are assembled there to rejoice the World Music day. As we all know that our life is colorless without music and the same way it becomes our duty to embed stars in the celebrations of our colors. Actually we all are connected to… Read More »

World First Aid Day Speech

By | September 12, 2018

World First Aid Day Speech:- This day is the day which makes everyone aware about First Aid. On this day many people are preparing for World First Aid Day Speech. Here below is the complete speech which will help one a lot in delivering an impressive and meaningful speech. World First Aid Day Speech  … Read More »