St. Patrick’s Day History Background and Facts

St. Patrick’s Day History Background and Facts : Popular with the name “feast day”, St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the date of death of patron saint Patrick of Ireland. The day enfolds the history of the efforts made by the saint to assist others. One must read the interesting and inspiring story of St. Patrick that includes his transformation from an Irish saint to a Christian ideological person. Scroll down to gather more information about the same.

St. Patrick’s Day History Background and Facts

St. Patrick’s Day History Background and Facts
St. Patrick’s Day History Background and Facts

History of feast day tradition:

In the late 4th century, St. Patrick took his first breath in Roman Britain. He was sixteen years old when he got kidnapped by some people. Typically, that was the time when he was taken to Ireland and he was forcefully made a slave there. Being tired from his life, he escaped from there but returned very soon as he wanted to help the Irish community. In 432, when he returned to Ireland, he preached to the Irish people to get converted into Christianity.

Afterward, he got died on 17th March of 461 when he had established a plethora of schools, churches as well as monasteries. One of his great efforts includes the usage of Shamrock that helped him in making an explanation of Trinity. He also began a drive to take the snakes out of the whole region of Ireland. It is the reason Ireland came to make the celebrations on the day his death with the organization of religious feasts as well as services. Since then, we celebrate this feast day cum St. Patrick’s Day on 17th March every year.

Background of St. Patrick’s Day:

The background of St. Patrick’s Day mainly unveils the celebrations held in Ireland that includes the performance of the following activities with full enthusiasm.

  • Children across all the corners of the nation participate in the parades on this occasion.
  • Irish music plays a prominent role in making the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day successful.
  • Thousands of Irish Americans gather on this day and share a meal that includes corned beef and cabbage to respect their traditional values.
  • Also, people dance and sing together on the day to enjoy the Irish morals and their rituals.

Facts about the St. Patrick’s Day:

There are a plethora of facts behind the existence of St. Patrick’s Day that you must read to know everything about it.

  • People still count on a metaphor that St. Patrick once stood on Croagh Patrick named hilltop and banished every snake there with a wooden staff. It is always celebrated as a victory of Christianity that made Ireland completely Christian after 200 years on the arrival of Patrick.
  • The leprechauns are among the beliefs of the Irish people who are small-bodied fellows. The Celtic belief in fairies began this belief alive and till then Leprechauns are linked with the St. Patrick’s Day too who were known for their trickery abilities.
  • Also, Shamrock and Irish music are the major icons of this day that make the celebrations successful.

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