5+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas with Game of Thrones 2022

Pumpkin Carving ideas 2022 with Game of Thrones: Halloween is a holiday where we live out our fantasies. From movies to books, people take inspiration from everywhere to transform themselves into their favourite characters. Halloween certainly brings alive the stories we read or watch on screen. Not only does Halloween help us channel our imagination, it also brings out nuances of our personality we didn’t know existed. Think of walking down the street dressed in an elaborate costume without feeling any self consciousness whatsoever. Halloween does help us to shed our inhibitions.

Talking of fandom, a popular choice this season is the most watched HBO TV series-Game of Thrones. The series has captured the attention of the masses and people just can’t wait to see the clash of the houses for the coveted Iron Thrones in a medley of dragons and white walkers. This Halloween, we present some pumpkin decor ideas revolving around this beloved series.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2022 with Game of ThronesPumpkin Carving Ideas 2022 with Game of Thrones

Pumpkin Iron Throne

Dynasties have fought across the ages to occupy the Iron throne. How about you recreate the scandal, deception and intrigue surrounding the Iron throne with a themed jack-o’-lantern? you could design swords out of cardboard and paint them to a dull rust brown to resemble the swords melded into the throne. Start by sticking the swords onto the sides of the pumpkin till it is completely covered and there you have a globule of iron swords representing those who fought for the throne.

You could line the sword blades with some reflective silver paint place a red light into the pumpkin which would make for a dramatic display. you could also carve a king jack-o-lantern complete with a crown and a spectre and place it on a prop iron throne. Your display is sure to rule over the realms this Halloween.

White walker Pumpkins

The most feared beyond the wall are the white walkers. how about you create an eerie display of the white walkers? you could use spray paint, cotton or fake snow against a majestic white background of grey snow topped mountains and snow covered fir trees. carve out the pumpkin with fearful grotesque expressions. You could paint them white. Get creative. You could design long hooked noses out of clay and add blue rhinestones or crystals as their eyes. This would make for a dramatic game of thrones display.

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Crest pumpkins

The main USP of the show is the various houses, their legacy and their crests. Every episode makes you root for your favourite house and a loss of character to battle, illness or black magic makes it feel like a personal loss. From the Starks of Winterfell to the deceitful buccaneer Lannisters or the lone crafty Mockingbird, the show makes for an array of complex characters with great depth. How about you design a pumpkin crest? You could make a magnificent jack-o’-lantern by painting the sigil of your favourite house. You could also use some calligraphy brushes and write down the words. You could also order some collectibles off the internet and make your crest more dramatic. Like…perhaps a pair of antlers at each side of the pumpkin to represent the Baratheon house sigil or a wig modified to look like a lion’s mane to represent house Lannister. You could also coordinate with your neighborhood and have each neighbour represent a house.


The Direwolf Pumpkin

This might be a great way to celebrate Halloween if you are a GOT fan. Carve the House Stark’s sigil, Direwolf, in your pumpkin. You can also pin the words, The Winter is Coming, into it to make it more like Game of Thrones. To do it, take out an image of Direwolf from the internet. Cut out of it and carve the pumpkin according to it. Make the pumpkin hollow and take out all the seeds. To add beauty, just illuminate the inside with some lights. This will be a visual treat for you and your friends.


Carve the Pumpkin with Lion

In the show Game of Thrones, another famous image is a lion, the sigil of House Lannister. This can also be your Halloween theme. Carve the pumpkin with a lion and celebrate your love towards GOT. Take out the outline of the lion from the GOT and cut out the shape of the pumpkin according to it.  Remove all the seeds from their inside and place a lamp inside it making it glow. Your Game of Thrones special pumpkin is ready.


Make the pumpkin with King Joffrey Profile

King Joffrey is one of the most celebrated villainous characters in Game of Thrones. But having an unpredictable character in season 4 made it even popular. So it will be a wise choice for you to have Joffrey in your pumpkin. Let’s make a unique choice. To make a Joffrey pumpkin, the first thing you have to do is, make a printout of this character with a little bit of resizing according to your pumpkin. Make a hole at the top of the pumpkin and clean the inside to make it empty. Trace the face of the character in the pumpkin and cut it out carefully. This may sometimes but will turn out very cute. You can also place candles inside the pumpkin to make it more luminous.


Pumpkin of The House Targaryen

If you are a fan of House Targaryen, carving the three-headed dragon in the pumpkin will be a great idea to celebrate Halloween. Jack-O’-Lantern will be the best pick to do it. To do it, take a large pumpkin and make a hole on the top of it. Remove all the seeds from it. You can use a pumpkin scoop for this. Print out the stencil of the dragon and trace it ok the pumpkin you have. Cut the shape on it using a pumpkin carving knife. Place the lamps or illumination lights inside it, to make it more attractive.


We hope that this article has opened new avenues for you to celebrate your Halloween closer to your favourite GOT characters. Do make the most of this Halloween because winter is coming. So friends if you love these Pumpkin Carving ideas with Game of Thrones then share this ideas with your loved ones.

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