Top 5+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for White Pumpkin – 2022

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for White Pumpkin 2022: The neighborhood is all set for some scary house adventures. Kids are geared up in their adorable outfits for some trick or treating. Houses are all decked up with toothy orange jack-o’-lanterns. The Jack-o’-lanterns everywhere makes it seem impossible for you to find a unique Halloween decoration idea. You could still have an out of the box idea without compromising on the spirit of Halloween. You could opt for a white pumpkin theme instead of going for the traditional orange option.

White pumpkins are sturdy and are ideal for all kinds of decorations. You can do a lot of experiments with design. Through this article, we bring some unique ideas for Halloween decorations using white pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for White Pumpkin – 2022Top 5+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas for White Pumpkin - 2022

Pumpkin with Colors

The ideal thing about white pumpkins is that you can play around with colours. You could carve a white pumpkin as per your choice, coat it with a base and paint it with colours of your choice. You could choose to go monochromatic by using a black and white checkered pattern of you could go all chic with some rainbow colours. You could also experiment with muted pastel shades. You could perhaps go for neon if you are feeling adventurous.

Pumpkin with Canvas Art

The best thing about white pumpkins is that you get a basic canvas to practice some art. you can make some precise paintings. So get your paint brushes out and bring out your inner Picasso. You could try painting a scenic beach or a forest. You could also try some doodle art as the plain background would give you ample space for creativity.

Pumpkin with Faces

If you are interested in sketching portraits, then this Halloween you can have a blast by sketching portraits onto white pumpkins. They make for great Halloween displays. You could try sketching your family members or you could sketch some beloved horror movie characters.

Pumpkin with Disco Ball

The plain background of a white pumpkin gives you the chance for new experimentation. You could try pasting some rhinestones or glitter to make for a shiny jack-o’-lantern. You could also stick some mirrors and make a jack-o’-lantern disco ball. The shiny jack-o’-lantern is an eye catching delight.

Pumpkin with lights

The good thing about white pumpkin décor is that the colour gives a scope for better illumination. You could place in some colourful lights and the white colour would make it more effective to give it an iridescent glow. You could also string some fairy lights from the outside.

Devil meets an Angel

White is a colour representing purity. Therefore a white pumpkin would be ideal to make an angelic jack-o-lantern. You could carve an angel and string a halo on top. A soft muted light placed within would make the halo glow. You could also paint another pumpkin with a trident to make a devilish pumpkin. Who would have thought that two contrasting characters could be so easily designed out of a single material ?

Medusa pumpkin

This monstrous Gorgon from Greek mythology has always been an attractive icon for many years. Her snake-filled head and human features combined terror and beauty at once. How about recreating her with a white pumpkin?


Items needed: Round shaped white pumpkin, a good pumpkin cutter, two small green LED lights, artificial rubber snakes and hot glue.


Steps to create: This is a pretty much simple carving idea, which can bring out amazing results. First of all, take the white pumpkin and make two holes for the eyes. Do not make it two perfect circles, but a bit like a floating oval shape. Scoop out all the pulp through that hole. If you are not able to clean through those holes, make an opening at the top portion and take out all the seeds. Do not forget to replace the pumpkin piece cut out. Next, carve a mouth for the Medusa. Make a squiggly mouth in the pumpkin using a sharp cutter. Leave some stips like things in the mouth portion to look scary. Carve two perfect circles shaped holes for nostrils. Fix the green LED lights in the middle of two eyes. Using the hot glue, stick two artificial snakes on the pumpkin head. If you have a big pumpkin, adding more snakes will make it more like Medusa.


Mummy pumpkin

Egyptian Mummies is a historical amusement who even became a character in many movies. The scary story behind every mummy made more people research it on various grounds. This Halloween, let us bring mummy on our pumpkins. But there are two ways to create Mummy using a white pumpkin. They are:


Method 1


Items needed: White pumpkin, cotton bandage roll, a cutter and hot glue.


Steps to create: Take out the white pumpkin and cut a small hole at the top. Scoop out all the pulp through that hole and cover it again. Make holes for two eyes and a mouth. Paste the bandage horizontally, and paste it with hot glue. You should carefully paste the bandage, and try to make a Mummy face. Your Mummy face is ready.


Method : 2


Items needed: A big white pumpkin, sharp cutter, toothpicks. Beans.


Steps to create: Make a hole at the top of the pumpkin to take out the seeds. Then cut the pumpkin horizontally. Repeat the horizontal cut in a 2″ gap. You will get 3-4 pumpkin round rings. Take out the rings one by one and rearrange them, one on top of another. Rotate the pieces and make them look wavy. Hold the pieces together with toothpicks. Cut two small holes in between two rings and place two small beans as eyes. The mummy pumpkin is all set for display.


We hope these Pumpkin Carving Ideas for White Pumpkin 2022 have given you enough inspiration to design jack-o-lanterns using white pumpkins. We guarantee that your decorations will be the talk of the town this halloween.

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