Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Newborns – Happy Halloween

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Newborns & Expecting Parents: Parents think of several ways to make the initial years of their newborns special and unforgettable ones. For this, they put into effect every possible method to enjoy the upcoming festivals with their newborns with great zeal. To assist such parents in their efforts, we have the following pumpkin carving ideas to celebrate the Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for NewbornsHalloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Newborns

Make a Pumpkin Chair:

Take a large pumpkin, and remove the portion of the surface of the pumpkin to make a place for a chair. To balance the pumpkin, remove some part of the base as well. Place a soft cloth on the chair formed and lie down the baby in this place.

Transform the Pumpkin into a Photo Frame:

Remove the seeds and the pulp from inside the pumpkin. Remove a portion from the base to balance it. Divide the pumpkin into two equal parts and keep beautiful pictures of your newborn at the place created by after removing the inside material of the pumpkin.


Twinkling Pumpkin:

Make several dots all over the surface of the pumpkin after removing the seeds and the pulp. Place a battery operated candle inside the pumpkin and keep it at some height in your living area. The glowing pumpkin in the dark will bring smiles to the faces of every resident of your home.


Lantern Pumpkin:

The idea of carving funny faces on the pumpkin is widespread, but there are many methods to heighten the joy of carved pumpkins. Once you are done making faces on your pumpkin, place a battery operated lantern inside it to get a get a glowing face in the dark.


Add Flowers to the Pumpkin:

Here you can either paste flowers petals across the surface of the pumpkin or place flower sticks on the pumpkin by making holes on the surface.


Sleeping Baby pumpkin

Carve the arrival of your newborn in pumpkins. This is an excellent idea to celebrate their first Halloween wonderfully. To make the sleeping baby, you need to have a round-shaped pumpkin, a baby pacifier, pins, a black coloured marker and a woollen hat. Now take out the pumpkin and make a hole at the base. Then scoop out all the pulp to make it clean.

Drill a hole and place the baby pacifier in it. Fix it using pins or toothpicks. The next step is to draw two closed eyes with the marker. An easy method is to draw two small curved lines to look like closed eyes. Finally, place the woollen hat on the top of the pumpkin. Your cute sleeping baby pumpkin is ready.


Pumpkin with wings

Newborns are always the angels of our family. Let’s celebrate their arrival by making pumpkins that have wings. The first step is to make the wings. To create it, take a cardboard sheet and cut out wings from it. Paste white paper on the wings or paint it with a white colour you can also beautify it with glitters or ribbon. They take a well-shaped pumpkin.

Cut a small hole in the bottom and take out all the pulp. Cover the hole with the piece of pumpkin cut out. Then place the wings on the two sides of the pumpkin using hot glue. Draw out the eyes and smile on the pumpkin using paint. Tie a ribbon at the stem. Your pumpkin with wings is here.


Newborn pumpkin

Another idea is just to carve the sentence, ‘newborn us here’ in the pumpkin. This is a simple and easy idea to let everyone know, you are celebrating Halloween with your newborn baby.  Take out a medium-sized pumpkin. Cut the upper side of it and take out all the pulp. Carve the sentence ‘The newborn us here’ in the pumpkin using a pumpkin cutter. You can also make some designs on it or can simply draw some flowers on it using paint. Place a candle or an LED light inside the pumpkin to illuminate it.


Pumpkin family

Making a family of pumpkins is another idea to welcome your newborn. Let’s make use of this Halloween to give a warm welcome function for the new baby. For this family item, you need to have two big pumpkins and a small pumpkin. If this newborn is your second or third child, add the number of small pumpkins according to the number of children you have.

Take one among the big pumpkin and carve eyes and moustache in it. And take the other one to make the mother. Carve the eyes and mouth on it. Can also draw some hair on it. Now let’s make the newborn. Simply draw the sleeping eyes on the small pumpkin and place a woollen cap over it. And put a label on it as a newborn. Simply draw eyes and mouths on other small pumpkins. Your pumpkin family is ready for the celebration.


We hope you will really like these Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Newborns for this halloween 2022 – Happy Halloween to all of you.

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