No smoking day

No smoking daySmoking is dangerous for health and therefore the world welfare organizations like the UN and others encourage smokers to stop smoking. Keeping the same in mind, we celebrate no smoking day on the second Wednesday of every March. Every year, we are celebrating no smoking day on the 11th of March. Scroll down to know more details about the no-smoking day.

No smoking day

No smoking day
No smoking day

Background of No Smoking Day

The smoking day celebrations are held to encourage the people in putting a halt to the usage of tobacco. Also, the public is informed about the business practices of the companies that sell tobacco or manufacture the same. Not just this, but we inform the public about the efforts of WHO that help the people in fighting the epidemic caused by tobacco. People learn with the day celebrations that how their right to live a healthy life can help them and their future generations.

The UK celebrates the no-smoking day every year as a health awareness day. With this, smokers get a lot of assistance in quitting smoking practices. In 1984 the first no-smoking day was celebrated on the 4th Wednesday of March, but now people celebrate it on march’s second Wednesday.

The theme of No smoking day

World smoking is always celebrated with a different theme every year that becomes the base for the yearly campaigns. A short phrase promoting the dangers of smoking and its bad effects on the health of the people is generally referred to as the theme. In 2010, the theme of the smoking day was “Break Free”. The theme encouraged the smokers to stay break free from cigarette smoking chains.

In the year 2011, the theme of the day was “Time to Quit”. The result of the campaigns held in 2009 was represented by research that showed that 1 out of 10 smokers takes an oath to never consume the smoke on No smoking day. In the year 2020, No Smoking Day celebrations got held on 11th March. Compiling all the themes of the different years, it is quite usual and evident that the day targets educating people about the bad impacts cigarette put on the health of people.

Significance of No Smoking Day

No smoking day is an awareness movement that first rose in the area of the United Kingdom. The significance of the day is related to the efforts made by the people to save the lives of smokers from the harmful smoke. The motto of the day is to put a permanent halt on the intake of smoking. Even the researchers suggest that the observance of No smoking day has put a serious impact on the lives of people. The reason is that one out of every ten smokers quit smoking on the No smoking day celebrations.

All-in-all, it would not be wrong to say that No Smoking Day is such an observance that plays a vital role in saving the lives of people from the hazardous smoke of cigarettes. At least we get to save one person from lung cancer and other breathing diseases with this day. Keep spreading the right message and saving the lives of people.

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