Navy Day in India

Navy Day in India History:

The exploration of the history signifies that the Indian Navy has always given a tough fight whenever India got attacked from borders by the neighboring countries. But, the attack of 4 December 1971 was the day when the Indian Navy set the bars too high to cross. Typically, 4th December is not merely a date to remember but a day that puts tears of joy into the eyes of every Indian. Scroll down to know all that made India feel proud by the efforts of its Navy.

Navy Day in India

Navy Day in India
Navy Day in India

Golden pages of History: Real tales of Indian Navy

Though the Indian Navy had been doing a plethora of brave acts since independence, the most incredible one is Operation Trident. In commemoration of the same, we celebrate Indian Navy Day on 4th December annually. On the night of 4th and 5th December 1971, an operation trident has conducted that lead to the infliction of heavy damage on vessels of Pakistan. The whole bravery act was done at Karachi Harbor fuel fields during a war between India and Pakistan. India had not to suffer any damage during the operation but Pakistan lost its four vessels by sinking. 

The three warships of the Indian Navy that played a crucial role in this victory are:

  • INS Veer
  • INS Nipat
  • INS Nirghat

To attack the vessels of Pakistan, the Indian Navy fleet sailed right from the Okha Port of Gujarat towards the waters of Pakistan. The fleet reached a place at night that was 70 miles from south of Karachi and fired missiles. With this, Pakistani vessel PNS Khaibar got sunk and India succeeded in its mission.

The Indian Navy Personnel who made efforts in making the operation a big success was awarded gallantry awards.

About Navy:

Here is a short introduction to the Indian Navy that you must know.

  • Indian Navy is a part of the Indian Armed Forces considered as its marine branch.
  • The Commander-in-chief of the Indian Navy is always the President of India.
  • An emperor of the Maratha Empire, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bose is considered the great father of the Indian Navy.
  • Its western Naval Command has headquarters in Mumbai.
  • The Eastern Naval Command headquarters are in Vishakhapatnam.
  • The Southern Naval Command has its headquarters at Kochi.
  • All three commands have a flag officer to control the activities.

Why and how do we celebrate Indian Navy Day?

The purpose of celebrations of Indian Navy Day has always been inclined towards the security of Indian borders. To achieve the same, India conducts joint naval exercises, humanitarian missions, and various other relief operations with other countries that bolster India’s relations and hereby secure our borders too. On the evening of the Navy Day, the Navy of India organizes a Beating Retreat Ceremony where Naval Band gives performances. The ceremony occurs at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. On that day, the warships of the Indian Navy and aircraft are kept open for the visitors especially the children that go to schools. With this, the whole of India cherishes the victory of 1971 achieved by the Indian Navy.

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