Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep

Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep :

  • Are you suffering due to poor quality sleep?
  • Does sleepless night take a toll not just on your health but also affect your professional and personal life?

If yes, then you aren’t just alone. There are many who are directly affected with their concentration, mood and loss of memory. Unfortunately, if it gets unchecked for long, leads to obesity, diabetes, depression as well as high blood pressure. Hence, the following post comes with Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you sleep.

Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep

Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep
Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep

Let’s now take a look at each one of them:-


Are you looking to create a sense of relaxation and calmness with yourself? If yes, then Yoga (the exercise which has its roots in India) is said to create a pleasant and favorable union of mind, spirit and body. It is possible where different aspects in the form of relaxation, breathing and healing are addressed. The best thing is that you don’t need to be an expert and people irrespective of their age can directly benefit with a regular practice.

Maintain darkness


Do you want less of a visual disruption while going for a bathroom break in middle of the night? If yes, then similar to the light from a Smartphone which distracts you from sleep, bathroom light can be held accountable too. So, the best thing is to use flashlight, since it prevents your sleepy eyes get the sudden brightness.



Considering the ‘robotic-styled’ lives we are living in, where we have literally became hostage to the pleasures deriving from gadgets even after returning back from work. This is where the constant glare of ‘unnatural light’ released from tablets and other devices have disturbed melatonin release. So, what Melatonin is? Melatonin is a hormone that our body naturally releases few hours prior to sleep. It basically functions when the body comes to terms with low light (such as during night). However, the constant glare of artificial light has made us to go for melatonin pill which one can purchase from the pharmacy store (so as to compensate for the hormone). It is advisable to stick with the same brand. These supplements enhance the quality of sleep.

Drink, Drink and Drink

Well, it is certainly not alcohol which is meant with the term ‘Drink’ as it further creates disturbance in sleep. Liquids in the form of chamomile tea or warm milk act as a natural remedy for those facing issues of sleep. Although, there isn’t a scientific based proof which backs up claims towards its benefits, yet considering these natural options, one can absolutely be sure that there is no side-effects in using them. For example, the age old practice of taking warm milk before sleep has got loads of relevance even till date. Since, it enhances the effects of tryptophan on brain. So, how does Tryptophan works? It creates a wonderful passage of improving sleep by actually increasing melatonin. Likewise, Chamomile tea contains apigenin, an antioxidant which promotes sleep.

Lavender oil

Have you ever noticed your colleague, family member or even yourself acting weird and you don’t have any clue? Chances are that it is due to loss of sleep. All of us due to our busy and robotic life style find little or no time for ourselves. This basically creates a dangerous result. However, another one of the home remedies can be in the form of Lavender oil. It has become a natural choice for people for thousands of years as a natural procedure to aid in sleep. It is extracted from lavender plant, as one can use it as massage oil.

Use a rocking chair to sleep faster

Can you relate to how babies find a soothing effect which helps them to sleep faster when they are gently moved in a lap or a chair? Yes, indeed. Now take a cue from there and as you use a rocking chair rather than a regular bed, then it is the swinging sensation that helps your brain to calm down, relax and finally sleep. Since, this can’t be a substitute for the long hours of sleep, but what you can do is to hit the rock chair to gain utter calmness and as your body is finally ready for sleep, switch over to bed immediately.


Power yourself down 60 minutes before hitting the bed

Since, you need time to sleep properly and as it is not an instant thing like the way you normally switch the appliances ‘On’ or “off. You actually need a preparatory procedure to make your body ready to relax and calm down. This means that right before you hit the bed, do the essentials in terms of brushing and washing your face. Now, at least allot 15-20 minutes after lying down where you need to mediate. Close your eyes and take deep breathing and sideline any negative thoughts which block your sleep.


Maintain sleeping decorum

Do you know the most important sleeping related attribute? Well, it is to be punctual regarding the time to sleep. Do all sort of activities which please you, but never miss the bed time. Yes, failure to which your body will find it difficult to adjust to time and you will end up experiencing loss of sleep.


Progressive muscle relaxation

Continuing with the series of techniques and procedures which help the body to relax and finally sleep, Progressive muscle relaxation is another method which relaxes the body and creates a feeling of sleepiness. The method works in the form of tightening the body muscles then relaxing one muscle at a time. So, if you are constantly under the pressure to get proper sleep, you can surely try this.


Keep cool

Do you know that the recommended temperature for your thermostat should be between 65 and 72 degrees? Well, ensure the same and it is best to opt for cotton fabric while going to bed.


Final thoughts

Finally aforesaid are the home remedies to help you sleep. However, if you are already taking medicines or have other body ailments in the form of high blood pressure, then it is best to consult doctor prior to taking dietary supplements.


I hope you liked Natural Sleep Aids: Home Remedies to help you Sleep. I hope you might have got something new from this.

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