Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy

Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy : Pregnancy is the time when expecting mothers are surrounded by so many reactions. Yes, that of excitement and anxiety to name a few. You would soon deliver a healthy baby but you have to take extra care for getting the required sleep. Especially as you frequently have to go to the loo due to a rising tummy and your baby can make it difficult for you to get the required sleep.

It is totally a natural indication when pregnant women feel tired. After all, your body is actually doing a lot of work in creating a whole new life. Hence, the sudden changes which long last for 9 months disturb the body functions. The most natural result is lack of sleep as expecting mothers don’t experience as deep sleep, as they used to before. Hence, one needs to be extra careful in taking a lot of rest or sleep as a way of compensation.

Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy

Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy
Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy

As someone who is facing issues while sleeping, then it is referred to as insomnia. It is a medical term given to the individual who experiences poor quality sleep.


Natural Remedies for insomnia during Pregnancy


Cause of insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia may happen due to various factors as pregnancy is the phase that opens up various body imbalances. In short, you aren’t able to sleep even when you are tired where hormonal fluctuations, leg cramps, etc play an important part. It is important to find the solution for insomnia as early as possible. Hence, if you are facing similar issues, then the following post highlights a few of the natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy so that you can take effective control right from the beginning:-


Ensure a balanced diet

A balanced diet that is rich in organic fruits, proteins, vegetables, leafy vegetables, leafy greens, B-rich foods, etc adds to your well-being. Since, your body adjusts to a whole new state where you have to take proteins, nutrients such as magnesium, good fats along with B-rich foods. Ensure that you have small meals on a frequent basis and never go to bed immediately after taking dinner, rather give a break of couple of hours for the same.


Sleep on your side

Pregnant women need to avoid sleeping on their back as it creates undue stress on the uterus by putting weight on the spine as well as back muscles. So, avoid it, rather favor your side.


Use pillows for comfort

In order to give the required support to your bump, you can use extra pillows. Similarly, you can support your knees by keeping pillows in-between them (knees). This will add to your comfort level and increase the chance of a good night’s sleep. There are certain pregnancy-designed pillows that will professionally serve the purpose. Since sleeping during pregnancy is very challenging. Pillows play a decisive role as they can lessen the pain you experience on your legs, head, arm, and back while you sleep on the side. You can’t sleep on your back during the last trimester, so you have to be cautious where pillows can lessen your worries.


Compensate your sleep

In case you are unable to make up for the sleep during the night, it is recommended to take naps whenever you possibly can. This can also mean that you can sleep early in order to compensate for the lost sleep, so that you wake up refreshed.


Visualize your memories

 While you are in bed waiting to get sleep, think about the past beautiful moments you either had on a beach or in any of your favorite locations. Just going back to those memories will create positive memories. As your mind and body feel good, you don’t even realize how quickly you get close to a comfortable night’s sleep.


Make use of relaxation techniques

There are certain exercises which make you calm and as you do stretching, deep breathing, massage, or yoga, you experience a pleasant difference. Take the help of a professional who can guide you with the best techniques as per your current state.


Create a healthy sleep routine

  • Create a fixed ‘sleep-wake’ time schedule
  • If possible, sleep on your bed as it sets the mood for your mind to think accordingly
  • Never make the mistake of using gadgets while you sleep, as its blue rays will instead make you active and you will rather take longer to sleep


Have foods that are rich in melatonin

You know that your body needs a fixed schedule to sleep and wake up and this is where a hormone namely melatonin alerts your body with its proper timing. As you have melatonin rich foods such as tart cherry juice and pistachios, you actually help yourself to fight insomnia.


Epsom Salt

Do you know that during the pregnancy phase you can’t take bath with hot water? Yes, indeed rather than substitute with a luke-warm bath. Now, have 2 cups of Epsom and add to the bathwater in order to experience a peaceful sleep. Since, the salt  has magnesium which is responsible for producing melatonin in the body. While you bathe, your skin absorbs magnesium and you get desired results.


Create a favorable bedroom

 Do you know that a comfortable, dark, and cozy environment with optimum temperature can help you to get sleep sooner? Yes, exactly as it signals your brain to sleep, so your body starts to relax and you find yourself surrounded with sweet dreams much sooner than you would have otherwise thought of.


Final Thoughts

 As you have gone through the aforesaid post regarding natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy, you know that you have found ways to treat the same. Pregnancy does bring its own challenges, but you can ease the miseries during these 9 months. So, you need to be cautious while doing exercises along with balanced meals in order to overcome the phase with happiness. Let’s enjoy this phase by easing yourself with tips and suggestions in order to ensure a healthy delivery. However, if things still don’t act favorable to you, then consult a medical practitioner without any delay.

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