Natural foods that make you sleepy

Natural foods that make you sleepy‘Natural foods’ as the word indicates are those which nature provides to us. Hence, they act as the most appropriate and perfect foods for the bodies for a healthy body and mind. It is also true that our body responds well to them where one of the reasons is certainly that they promote quality sleep. On the other hand, our body depends on processed food, but we have to equally start inculcating the habit of including natural foods for a healthy future.

Natural foods that make you sleepy

Natural foods that make you sleepy
Natural foods that make you sleepy

After all, sleep is such an important phase in the life of an individual, failure to which the health suffers. Unfortunately, if anyone reports loss of sleep for even a few days, then he/she ends up at the clinic and paying double the price in terms due to weakening health as well as medical expenses. Hence, through the following post you will know natural foods that make you sleepy, so that you can carry with the challenges of the day with great motivation and cheer:-

Natural foods that make you sleepy


Amongst the natural foods that make you sleepy, almonds have their own importance; considering they are abound with nutrients. They play their specific part in sleep, that’s because they are a source of melatonin which helps to regulate sleep-wake cycle. Additionally, they are also known to reduce stress and insomnia, so you can have a fairly balanced life with a calm mind, so that you can take decisions peacefully.

Warm Milk

How can you deny the remedy which all of us would have grown up knowing? Well, I am talking about how the elders in the family habituate the children to drink warm milk before going to sleep. Isn’t it? Ayurveda also authenticates the fact that a glass of warm milk before bed, actually helps. It is also known that milk has an amino acid namely tryptophan which converts to serotonin that is responsible for creating a soothing and calming effect in the brain, so that you are able to sleep well.


Your heart and mind may not be eager to include Lettuce, yet it is quite preferred. Yes, Lettuce helps you to get closer to a quality sleep since it has a phytonutrient namely Lactucarium that has proven its worth in promoting sleep. Those who have included Lettuce in their diet have experienced a pleasant difference in having quality sleep during the night. So, don’t worry if you don’t want to eat Lettuce in the form of salad, you can equally prepare “Lettuce Tea”. It is easy to do the same by adding hot water over romaine leaves and adding honey for flavor.


Isn’t it hard to resist the temptation of bananas? Yes, indeed. Thanks to the ease with which one can simply peel it off and start eating. It contains amino acid, namely tryptophan, that helps in the formation of serotonin which is responsible for controlling mood and sleep. It also has an abundance of magnesium and potassium.


Nothing matters more than having a food that besides being nutritious and healthy is equally able to support and help an individual get quality sleep. Yes, I am talking about how a bowl of cooked oats right before you go to sleep can actually help you to get in a sleepy mode. The reason is simple, it contains melatonin which is known towards promoting sleep. Additionally, it has vitamin B6 that is related with giving a soothing and calm mind and relieves body stress.

Tart Cherries

Cherry juice creates a significantly high amount of melatonin in the body (which is basically a hormone that is responsible for creating a fixed sleep wake schedule). The same aspect has been proven through research as well. The benefit simply doesn’t limit to cherry juice, infact if you also opt for dried tart cherries, then that is also a source of melatonin.


Considering the list of natural foods that make you sleepy, Kiwi is undeniably one of them which has a prominent presence. It is considered as an ideally preferred snack before bed. The fruit has so many nutrients associated in terms of vitamin C and E along with folate and serotonin that offers an ideal method and process to help you snooze faster.


Yogurt is a dairy product that is abundant with calcium. Significantly, people who have calcium deficiency, may experience difficulty in sleeping. So, it is a fact that the body needs a sufficient amount of calcium and Yogurt is one such product which can help to regain the requisite amount for it to help you doze off quickly.


Do you know that dehydration can seriously make you exhausted by affecting your sleep as well? Yes. Hence, there are fruits such as watermelon which comes to your rescue by answering the issue perfectly. Watermelon has high magnesium content that is known towards improving sleep quality. Sleep has such a deeper significance in our lives. After all, loss of sleep can hamper concentration and memory. In short, ruin the life of an individual in both professional and personal fields. Isn’t it? So, have natural foods to make a pleasant difference.


Pineapple is another addition to the natural fruits that is worth trying to get closer to the most important aspect of sleep. It helps in raising the production level of melatonin in the body and the same has been categorically proven through research as well.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the aforementioned post has the list of natural foods that make you sleepy. After all, sleep has such an undeniable importance for an individual to recharge the body for continuing with the challenges of the next day. One has to have atleast 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night, failure to which you will lose concentration for being sleepy the next day. Sort it out before it takes an alarming proportion. This is where the post specifically mentions the detailed foods which can pretty much have a healthy effect in your life. So, eat right and experience the benefit for times to come.

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