National Voters Day OR Rashtriya Matdata Diwas

National voters Day or Rashtriya Matdata Diwas is celebrated on 25 th of January every year in India since 2011 to mark commission’s foundation day.

Here in this topic we will throw light on the basic concept of  National Voters Day. The information is specially collected from various sources to impart you knowledge in the easiest way.

Earlier in India, the eligibility age of the voter was 21 years but in 1988 Sixty first Amendment Bill it was lowered to 18 years.

India is a very rich and honest country. National Voters Day OR Rashtriya Matdata Diwas is celebrated just to encourage more and more youngsters  to take interest in political process. This the point where unrepresented fresh youth gets a chance to make an input in building a good nation. It is celebrated across 8.5 lakh polling stations across the country.  It is celebrated in the capital of India with great enthusiasm and dedication. Celebration consist of various activities like folk dance, music, drawing competition, etc.  Motivational welcome speech is also delivered during the celebration.

Proud to be a voter – Ready to vote

Indian voters need to understand that everything is in the hands of public interest. Indian Voters must know that they have all the right to choose the honest leader whomever they think is capable of leading the nation, capable of solving the internal issues,  capable of improving health and sanitation,very important capable of  keeping India united and moreover have guts to maintain honesty in every political process.  The conditions through which India is passing is just because of the choice made by public and it is the only public who can sort it out. India voters are so honest that they are easily taken away by the corrupted people who play with the emotions by making fake promises to them. The voters need to get educated and more aware of  good and bad.

Never vote for that government who in any form kills humanity and create differences between communities.

Therefore, In the end it is very true to say that National Voters Day in India is an significant day which is celebrated on 25 January every year to spread the awareness among every citizen mainly the youths so that they can cast their votes to a responsible deserving candidate and participate in the development of India. We will share more facts and figures with the passage of time.

National voters Day / Rashtriya Matdata Diwas
National voters Day / Rashtriya Matdata Diwas

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