National Technology Day in India

National Technology Day in India : National Technology Day is celebrated on May 11 every year to celebrate the growing technological advancement which the country has registered. This in the wake of the successful nuclear test operation in Pokhran.

National Technology Day in India

National Technology Day in India
National Technology Day in India


It is the day which signifies the new found benchmark which India has created and registered in the area of technology. May 11 relates to this important day when India’s image certainly got a boost, thanks to the technological advancement in space. Yes, it was the Pokhran nuclear tests of 1998 where five nuclear bomb test explosions were conducted. It was on the same day and year that the Shakti missile was successfully fired at Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan. The man who led the test was APJ Abdul Kalam which India has popularly given the name of a ‘missile man’. It was announced soon after, by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee that India has become a nuclear state. It became the sixth country in the world to enter the phase of the “nuclear club” of nations. Therefore, the origin of “National Technology Day” began since 1999



This important day finds its origin from 11 May, 1999 which signifies the exemplary work being carried out by Indian scientists and engineers. Late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee has named the day.


Other significant operations carried on May 11, 1998

  • “Hansa-3” which is regarded as the India’s first indigenous aircraft was test flown in Bangalore on this day
  • There was also a test firing which was done of Trishul missile on the day

It was indeed quite a proud moment for every Indian, since at the time only a handful of countries got into the category of being nuclear power. India became one such new entrant to be included in the list of those players by being referred as the sixth country which in itself is a highly commendable news for the country.


Celebrations associated with the day : National Technology Day

Considering the day where all it matters is how technology has taken the status of India to top notch higher, hence the contributions of scientists is taken with utmost esteem. Here, they are awarded for their immense role in science and technology. The award is a source of motivation where they are encouraged to excel more.

The day also marks the organizing of several events which take place in various institutions where essay competitions are held to encourage the youth. This aspect is highly necessary and the need of the hour, as it directly sensitizes the youth about the importance which science and technology holds for the students. The associated celebrations create a sense of encouragement for the youth to make their contribution in the desired field. No doubt youth are regarded to be the future of the country and their encouragement and participation in these important national contributions naturally instill a sense of ownership for the country. Yes, here they equally want to excel in the field by enhancing the name of the country on a global level.

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