National Maritime Day of India

National Maritime Day of India : April 5th every year is the day where National Maritime Day is celebrated. The basic aim of the day is to sensitize people towards supporting intercontinental commerce and global economy. This is done through a safe, organized and environment friendly passage of transporting goods from one part of the world to another.

National Maritime Day of India

National Maritime Day of India
National Maritime Day of India

This important day has its roots which date back to April 5, 1964 when the first National Maritime Day was celebrated.

Talking about India’s context, the shipping journey began with the first ship from Mumbai travelled to the United Kingdom on April 5, 1919. The company was namely “The Scindia Steam Navigation Company (Ltd).

National Maritime Day marks the award namely “Varuna” to those who have given outstanding contribution to Indian maritime sector. Yes, it is for the people who have been able to maintain sustainability with their extreme level of contribution. The award is in the form of a statue of Lord Varuna along with a citation.

It is important for the country’s development that sea routes as well as preservation are taken due care. April 5 marks the day of sensitizing people about the need to protect, preserve and defend the maritime zone. India’s historians have termed Indian sub continent to be quite a lucrative option, due to the geography of seas surrounding it. Hence, India promises quite an awesome option for sea trade. It is for this reason that Indian shipping industry has witnessed quite a lot of advancement right from the older era when sailing ships were used which had wooden hulls.

India is gifted by a coastline which runs thousands of kilometers. The country has evolved itself notably in the post independence era in the maritime sector. National Maritime Day offers the astounding results of how Indian maritime sector is consecutively rising with each and every passing month and year. It is said that almost 90 percent of India’s international deal is done through the ocean.

Considering the advancement in the sector, it is no surprise that India is proud of having a major merchant shipping fleet when the list of developing countries is considered.

The global cost cutting measures have necessitated the dependence on the shipping industry even more. Hence, it is emphatically said that intercontinental commerce has well established itself in the global economy where Indian maritime sector is undoubtedly playing a pivotal role for the world economy by bridging the gap while transporting goods from one corner to another one globally.

Trade in India through sea route is naturally the most preferred one across the globe as of now. Considering the ever increasing strategic ties with the western world, there has been joint exercises where India has taken part with its western counterparts. This has resulted in the advancement of the latest naval equipment from its western allies. The news gains significance as the relations of India with several advanced countries of the world grew closer and bigger. Thus it created more pleasant options for trade and commerce and it is all set to widen as well.

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