National Immunization Day in India

National Immunization Day in India : As the name states, national immunization day brings the focus of the public towards the special need to get the proper vaccinations on time. With the intent to aware the people about the same, the government of India celebrate National Immunization Day on 16th March of every year. Scroll down to know more facts and information about national immunization day.

National Immunization Day in India

National Immunization Day in India
National Immunization Day in India

Background of the National Immunization Day in India

In 1995, the first oral vaccine to combat polio began the celebrations of the national immunization day in India on the 16th of March that year. It promoted the act of vaccination rapidly across the country and the purpose to aware the people about essential arming from polio was getting fulfilled with the vaccination campaigns. With the successful results of these campaigns, India got certification as a polio-free country on the 27th of March, 2014. As far as it is concerned about the last polio patient in India, it was reported on 13th January in 2011.

Facts about immunization day         

  • Immunization day in India is also known by the name National Vaccination day that was first celebrated on 16th March 1995.
  • The first oral vaccination of dose in India was given in the year 1995 against the protection of children from polio.
  • From 24th to 30th April, World Immunization Week is celebrated that means in the last week of April month annually.
  • In the year 2020, World Immunization Week was celebrated with the theme, “Vaccine Works For All”.

What is vaccination and why it is essential?

When it comes to curing highly infectious diseases, the best treatment for them is always prevention. In the case of the prevention of such diseases, vaccination can be counted as the most effective method to do so. The vaccination process improves the immunity of the individuals and it is the reason behind the eradication of smallpox too along with combating other diseases including polio, measles, and tetanus. The WHO also conveys the information that there is a large availability of licensed vaccines across the world that assist in controlling 25 preventable infections.

How do we celebrate a national immunization day?

Typically, National Immunization Day is all about the vaccinations drives taken to combat the diseases or some infections. Here are how to mark its celebrations.

  • As per the recommendations of WHO, mass campaigns are conducted to supply oral poliovirus vaccine to every child of the country. This act plays a wide role in putting a halt to the transmission of wild polioviruses.
  • Typically, the National Immunization Day is one of the major 4 strategies suggested by the WHO to eradicate poliomyelitis globally. Therefore every country along with India celebrates the day in their nation to protect its citizens from getting affected by polio.

With the celebrations of the national immunization day, we put a halt to the spread of poliovirus and combat acute flaccid paralysis too. In short, it promotes the vaccination process and aware people of its importance for the well-being of their children.

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