National Consumer Day in India

NATIONAL CONSUMER DAY IN INDIANational consumer day is observed on 24 December every year in India. On this day, in 1986, the consumer protection act got approved by the president of India. This act was enacted in order to provide better protection to the consumer’s interests. This created a historical milestone in the consumer movement of our country.

National Consumer Day in India

National Consumer Day in India
National Consumer Day in India

On this day, awareness is created among the consumers about their rights and ensure them that they receive a fix in case of violation of their rights. This day also provides a chance to the individuals by bringing out the importance of consumer movement and promoting the responsibilities and rights of all the consumers.




The consumer protection act of 1986 provided consumers effective measures to protect them from various exploitations such as deficiency in services, defective goods, and unfair trades.

The major objectives of this act are given below:

  1. To protect and provide various consumer rights such as:
  • Protection against the marketing of services and goods that are dangerous for property and life.
  • To have all the information regarding the quantity, quality, purity, potency, and prices of goods. This protects consumers from unfair trade practices.
  • Make sure that they have access to a variety of services and goods at competitive price values.
  • To ensure that consumer’s interests are taken into consideration at appropriate assemblies.
  • To educate the consumer.
  • Protect consumer’s right to seek redressal against the restrictive and unfair trade practices.

2. Providing simple and speedy approval to the consumer’s interests for which quasi-machinery was sought to set up at the state, district, and the central level.




This act came into force from 20 July 2020. It empowers the consumers and helps them to protect their rights through different notified provisions and rules. These provisions include product liability, consumer protection councils, mediation, and punishment for manufacturing and selling products spurious or adulterated goods.

Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) was established in this act to promote and enforce consumer rights. CCPA is allowed to do an investigation when the consumer’s rights are violated. Under this act, all e-commerce businesses have to provide information or data regarding refunds, exchange, return, warranty, delivery, modes of payment, the security of payment methods, etc. Even the information related to the country of origin of these websites and products is necessary for the consumers to enable them to make decisions at their pre-purchase stages.

A consumer can file their complaints electronically in consumer commissions that have jurisdiction over the region where he resides. According to the rules given by the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, there is no fee to file cases up to five lakh rupees.

The authority can impose a fine of up to 10 lakh rupees on the manufacturer and also imprisonment of up to two years in case they are caught making misleading and false advertisements.  If the manufacturer repeats his offense then the imprisonment can be extended up to five years and the fine may increase up to 50 lakh.

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