Mother’s Day Quotations

Mother’s Day Quotations : There is nothing deeper and purest than that of the love of mother. She is the creator and who else would know her kids better than her. A mother can never be selfish, from the day she gets to know that she is becoming a mother, she gets filled with love. Her care keeps on increasing with time and when she finally has her kid in her hands, she does everything to make sure that her kid should be comfortable.

Mom is a first guide to her children, a best friend, a philosopher and everything that can possibly be. Mother’s love is incomparable because she sacrifices almost everything to be a perfect mother for her children. She lives for her kids only and can do everything that makes them glad.

Mother’s Day Quotations

Mother’s Day Quotations
Mother’s Day Quotations

Although, there is not a particular day for parents because everyday is dedicated to them. But it is a day that celebrates mothers. Mother’s Day usually occurs in May, on 2nd Sunday to make every mom on the planet feel special. Mother’s Day is a day to send warm hugs, lovable wishes, precious gifts and a lot more to mother who is a world to us. You can make her smile with these emotional, cute and adorable Mother’s Day wishes which will surely going to make her day memorable one

Mother’s Day Wishes

  1. Hey Mom, you are beautiful the way you are. You make everything just perfect. Happy Mother’s Day Mamma.
  2. I can’t even imagine how you do things for us. Mom you are truly a super mom. Happy Mother’s Day. Love you!
  3. A mother is always a first guide, first friend and forever love for her child. Mom, you make my life full of love and meaning to it. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
  4. I always wanted to thank you for being my supermom. You are a wonderful soul who selflessly does everything for our family. Happy Mother’s Day Mamma. Love you a lot!
  5. Mom, you are my backbone which is always there with me no matter what. I acknowledge your efforts. Happy Mother’s Day Mamma.
  6. Dear Mom, you deserve the whole world not because you are my mother but because you are such an adorable soul. You are always in my heart. Happy Mother’s Day.
  7. Mom is not just a word rather it is a feeling, it is a safest place, it is a complete home and it is universe.
  8. She believed in me more than I did. She is truly an angel sent by God for me.
  9. To be a tough nut to crack, be like a mom. She can carry you in her womb for 9 months and still can be excited to hold you.
  10. A mom can fight from anyone in this world just for her kids. She is an inspiration.
  11. I could never be luckier than I am now as I got you as my mother. Mom, you are a Rockstar. Happy Mother’s Day.
  12. No matter what I do, my mom always supports me. She scolds me, make me understand and realize things but eventually she loves me the most.
  13. Mother’s arms and her kitchen have no closing times. They are always open to serve warmth of love.
  14. A mother is just another word for a miracle. She can heal your wounds in just a blink of an eye.
  15. No matter if you are surrounded by your mother, you will be at ease. Mother’s vibe hits differently.
  16. A mom is a pure bliss. She can handle your every emotion. She will even digest your aggression in the name of love. She is what she is.
  17. Whenever I was in a mess, you sorted it out mom. I am glad that you are more of a friend for me than a mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
  18. I wanted to gift you a world mom but you yourself has it. You deserve everything that is healthy for the universe. You are a gem. Happy Mother’s Day my lovely mom.
  19. I know you love me nine months extra than dad. Mom, you are my happy place and a shoulder to lean on always. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I love you!
  20. From the day I came in this world, till today as I grew up. You are a constant soul that my eyes see, my heart feels and I want to be with you always mom. Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful mom.
  21. A mother can only bless you; she can never curse you no matter whatever misbehavior you did to her. She can only pray for your well-being.
  22. My dearest mom, there is not a single day which can be without you. Days are brighter because of you and nights are peaceful because you are beside me. Happy Mother’s Day my adorable mom.
  23. She can bear all the pain but can’t see her child facing any injury. A mother can tolerate anything but can’t see her child in pain.
  24. Mothers are delicate but tough. They can be soft with you but on the other hand they can even be hard to you for your own benefit.
  25. It is not a cake walk to be in the motherhood. It needs a lot of sacrifices, to quit your desires and to tolerate every blame, game or flame.
  26. Her tender arms can melt you easily. Moms are angels.
  27. I know mom, you hide your tears. Yes, I know you also get hurt a lot many times. I promise to be your smile and happy place. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  28. Mother’s love is not blended. It is the purest form unlike anything in this world.
  29. Mom, you have a superpower which God has given to you. You are brilliant and I am proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.
  30. Though my words are less, but my feelings are endless for you mom. You not just gave me birth but you gave me an opportunity to make you feel special in every way I can. Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  31. Mom is a feeling not just in humans but in animals as well. A mother can take any risk to save her kid from any mishappening.
  32. Mom you may not ask anything you need but I understand your requirement. You don’t need to sacrifice more. I will give you everything you deserve. Happy Mother’s Day to the heart of my life.
  33. I know why you never used to be hungry when there were only 2 chapatis left. You wanted me to be full. Mom I don’t know how will I be able to love you more and more. You are amazing that the words also can’t express.
  34. A mother has a heart of gold. She can’t be impure and she can never treat her kid wrong.
  35. A biggest support, a constant love and a lot more sweetness. My mother is the best.
  36. I am grateful to you mom. You have never stopped putting efforts for my happiness. Happy Mother’s Day mom. Lots of love to you.
  37. Dear mom, my life will be less to thank you for every single day you were used to wake up early and cook delicious meal for us. I just want to encapsulate it in these 3 words. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day dearest mom.
  38. No matter how the worst my day went, you were always used to make my day special somehow. Mom, how could you be able to do all that? Happy Mother’s Day mom.
  39. Your extraordinary love and care for me made me a spoilt kid. Mom, nevertheless I love you so much.
  40. Such an affectionate woman is the best mother.
  41. A mother subconsciously knows every little thing that happened to her kid.
  42. Mom you are such a generous person on this planet. I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for being a great mom. Happy Mother’s Day my life.
  43. The most optimistic person is my mom by my side. She makes sure that I need to be distressed. I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
  44. People come and go but you should never hurt your mom. She has a biggest heart but at the same time she is the most emotional woman.
  45. A mother never thinks for herself first. She keeps her kids as her first priority. She is one in a billion.
  46. I want to lay down on your laps to overcome my fear of being alone. I want to hug you mom. You are my pain killer. Happy Mother’s Day Mamma.
  47. Despite of your sadness, you still think of me. Mom, I am overwhelmed with your presence. God bless you with good health. Happy Mother’s Day Mom. Love you!
  48. No where on this planet I can get peace but with my mom, I am the most peaceful person. My mom makes me calm by hugging me. Love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
  49. There are no such ornaments which can make you delighted the way your mom can. A mom is truly a jewel.
  50. There are no such perfect words to describe how well my mother is. She is herself an epitome of perfection.
  51. Whenever I get scared, you hold me into your arms. You make me feel secure mom. I am grateful to you for everything you do for me. Happy Mother’s Day Momma.
  52. You make the complicated things simplify as if it was that easy. Mom you are seriously a magician without a crown. Happy Mother’s Day. God bless you with everything you wish for.
  53. My dear mom, I wish every happiness for you. I hope days get brighter for you and nights be peaceful for you. Happy Mother’s Day dearest mamma. I love you a lot!
  54. My efforts might be less but my heart is filled with love for you. You are the reason for my life. Happy Mother’s Day mom.
  55. Mom, I never able to understand that it will be difficult for you to raise me by doing everything by yourself. Now that I am a grown up, I promise to help you in every work you do. Happy Mother’s Day mom.
  56. Hey mamma, I wish to gift you the world but that will also be less in front of you. You are a person with the heart of gold. I love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day.
  57. You are less appreciated as per your deeds mom. I acknowledge every little thing you do for me. This life will be short if I start doing for you. Happy Mother’s Day.
  58. Mom, the way you keep all of us bind together in a single thread of love is inspirational. You are my true inspiration. Happy Mother’s Day dear mamma.
  59. The way you have taken the responsibility and you fulfill it is phenomenal. Mom, I adore you every single day. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Lots of love.
  60. I never say anything whatever I need but still you listen to it somehow. You fulfill all my desires. I could never ask for a greatest mom than you. Happy Mother’s Day mamma. I love you so much.
  61. I hate this feeling that it takes longer for me to understand you and you understand me so well in no time. Mom, I might never show but I love you beyond anything. I can never see you upset. Happy Mother’s Day to my world.
  62. When hurricane strikes or tsunami happen, my mom is still on her toes to fulfill her responsibilities. Mom, there is no one like you. Happy Mother’s Day Mamma.
  63. You can tolerate even the worst with so much strength. Mom you are amazing. I am proud to be your daughter. Happy Mother’s Day.

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