Kashmir Day History Background and Facts

Kashmir Day History Background and Facts:

As the name states, Kashmir Day is related to the welfare of the Kashmir area under which people show support to its residents. The celebrations of the day take place on 5th February across the boundaries of independent Kashmir as well as Pakistan. The war for the acquisition of Kashmir is not something that people have heard new but it has been prominent for a long time. The following guide consists of all the essential facts you need to know about Kashmir Day including its history and background.

Kashmir Day History Background and Facts

Kashmir Day History Background and Facts
Kashmir Day History Background and Facts

Kashmir Day History

The history of Kashmir Day unveils the war between India and Pakistan which had been claiming Kashmir as part of their country for a plethora of years. This war was a bone of contention that had been prevalent since the independence of 1947. In the current time, Kashmir has been occupied by the armed forces of India and has become a part of the Indian subcontinent. But, the war to acquire the region in their country had been running for almost 70 years that developed a sense of fear and terror among its citizens who became evident to the deaths of millions of their people in the continuous wars. It is celebrated every year with new hope and enthusiasm by Kashmir residents as well as Pakistanis.

Background of Kashmir Day

In 1990, Nawaz Sharif gave a call to run a nationwide strike against India as they assume India occupied Kashmir from them. There is a particular area that is recognized by Indians as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir whereas the Pakistanis call it Azad Jammu Kashmir AJK. Then opposition leader and Pakistan’s Punjab CM coined the day to celebrate the success of those freedom fighters who acquired Kashmir from our India. Since then the Kashmir day is celebrated as a public holiday in Pakistan on 5th February.

Facts you need to know about Kashmir and Kashmir Day

  • Kashmir is metaphorically known as the “Heaven on Earth” because its beauty is irresistible and catches the attention of every visitor.
  • People in Pakistan chant slogans and express solidarity by marches and rallies on Kashmir Day.
  • The purpose of Pakistan to celebrate the day is to express their helpfulness to Kashmiris so that they never feel alone in their fight for freedom.
  • The beauty of Kashmir can never be expressed and reflected through the paintings and pictures as it is beyond the imagination of the common populace who never visited Kashmir.
  • Since the Independence of India, nobody had a right to buy property on the land of Kashmir.
  • Before the implementation of CAA 370, Kashmir has enjoyed the independent government ruling as well as the special rights that no other state in the country had till then.
  • Kashmir is not merely a beautiful place to visit but a wonderful place to live as well where most of the residents belong to the Muslim religion.

Over and, Kashmir is a dream come true for both India and Pakistan therefore both countries keep on trying their best to acquire the region. Kashmir Day is also one among such tries that have been made by the people to acquire it.

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