International Yoga Day Speech

International Yoga Day Speech

As we all know now a days every School, College, Office celebrate this day with  a lot of enthusiasm. On this event teacher, students, guest get an honorable chance to deliver speech of motivation to  audience. So here i brought for you an International Yoga Day Speech and i hope it will honestly assist you in your work.

Speech Starts Like This

Good evening/afternoon/morning to everyone,


Today here we are united to have word of motivation on International Yoga Day. Presently this day has become a part of almost every school, college, office and every institute either government or private. At the present day, we all are here to celebrate the International Yoga Day.

At first i want to tell you the history of Yoga day that how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented an appeal against  the UN assembly and regarding the acceptance. By resolution 69/131, UN General Assembly announced that 21st June will be celebrated as the International Yoga Day every year. Actually, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented an appeal against the UN regarding the adoption of 21st June as Yoga Day and UN didn’t see anything to refuse him. The proposal of Narendra Modi had got the support of 177 countries due to which UN assembly president made the announcement of Yoga Day on 11th December 2014. Since that day, people of the whole world celebrate World Yoga Day with full enthusiasm and India enjoys this day the most.


Let us now move on to the importance of Yoga as it is the prime motive of the celebrations. If you really want to rejoice the day with heart, then doing asanas on one day is not enough but you will have to practice yoga daily to get the benefits.


The actual birth of yoga happened from the country of saints, India. Due to which, Indians play an important role in celebrations of this day. Yoga teaches you to keep your physical as well as mental health on right path.


If you also want to feel your soul and make your mind light with the help of yoga, then you must begin it from today only. Believe me or not, you will get endowed with immense benefits.




Have a wonderful day.

International Yoga Day Speech
International Yoga Day Speech

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