International Yoga Day History and Theme

International Yoga Day History and Theme

From the word “Yoga”, it is quite effortless to think that the whole world might be celebrating the day since a long time. However, the reality is different from it as the day has got recognition only a few years ago. In current era it is becoming a need of each person. Due to tight schedule no one has enough time for extracurricular activities Like Gym, Cardio , etc. Yoga can be done any where, one is comfortable with.

Origin:  By resolution 69/131, UN General Assembly announced that 21st June will be celebrated as the International Yoga Day every year. Actually, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented an appeal against the UN regarding the adoption of 21st June as Yoga Day and UN didn’t see anything to refuse him. The proposal of Narendra Modi had got the support of 177 countries due to which UN assembly president made the announcement of Yoga Day on 11th December 2014. Since that day, people of the whole world celebrate World Yoga Day with full enthusiasm and India enjoys this day the most.

International Yoga Day History and Theme
International Yoga Day History and Theme

Themes: International Yoga Day remains the same every year, but the important organizations decide to commemorate the day with different themes each year. The reason behind it is to spread awareness among people and keep them energetic towards celebrations. Here are the themes from previous years written below.

Theme 2019: “Yoga For Gurus”

Theme 2018: “Yoga For Peace”

Theme 2017: “Yoga For Health”

Theme 2016: “Connect The Youth”

Theme 2015: “Yoga For Harmony And Peace”

Above all, we cannot doubt the benefits of Yoga as it heals not only the body but soul of a person. Most importantly, India has got Yoga as a blessing as it belongs to traditions of India. Therefore, we all should make yoga as essential part of our lives to make the most of International Yoga Day.

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