International Women’s Day History and Facts

International Women’s Day History and Facts : Both men and women are important for the existence of society because the population cannot grow with a single-gender merely. However, a plethora of societies does not treat women equally. It is the reason we celebrate 8th March as International women’s day for more than 100 years where every country celebrates the day with a unique purpose. On this day, some of the countries protest to get equality for women, and a lot of other countries mark the celebrations of the accomplishments made by the women. In simple words, women’s day is not merely a hashtag representation but it has a lot more important than that.

International Women’s Day History and Facts

International Women’s Day History and Facts
International Women’s Day History and Facts

History of the international women’s day

Primarily, international women’s day was celebrated in 1911 on the 19th March of that year. When the first international day of women was celebrated, almost a million men and women participate in rallies to lend a hand to women in achieving their rights. The inspiration for women’s day was taken by National women’s day of America that takes place on 28th February every year since 1909. The declaration of this national day was done by America’s socialist party.

The next year, a meeting of the Socialist International was held in Denmark that worked for the approval of the International Women’s Day idea. Afterward, a lot of rallies were organized in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria as well as Germany in the next year that. Also, a lot of marches and demonstrations were taking place worldwide with the celebrations of this day. 

Only a week was passed since the celebrations of the first international women’s day when 146 people were killed by the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. Among the dead people, most were the young women who were migrated to New York City. Due to this incident, a lot of changes were made in the working conditions of the industries. Also, the loss of a lot of women invoked International Women’s day as a part of it.

Facts about the international women’s day

Here are facts about international women’s day that you need to know.

  • The origin of the worldwide celebrated international day of women took place more than 100 years ago.
  • The first women’s international day was celebrated on 19th March 1911 when about 1 million people took part in celebrations from Germany, Austria, Denmark as well as Switzerland.
  • The adoption of international women’s day was officially done by the UN in 1975.
  • A lot of countries celebrate a holiday on the occasion of international women’s day.
  • In the year 1914, 8th March was a day when rallies of women stood against the war and erupted the World War I. Women were mainly the icon of international solidarity during the war times.
  • 1917 was also a remarkable year in celebrations of international women’s day because women on 23rd February to 8th March, a lot of events took place in Russia that resulted in the toppling of the czar.

In the early years of the day celebrations, women’s rights were the major issue for International Women’s day observance however it promotes the developments made by women these years.

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