International widow’s day History and Theme

International widow’s day History and Theme

International widow’s day is celebrated  on 23rd  of July every year. In the current eon, where people are becoming aware of the equality of gender, there are some regions where people are still lacking with knowledge of that. It becomes quite essential to spread awareness in such areas.

Due to that, some people take the initiative to uplift the importance levels of the women in society and the government also assists them with the same. With the same motive, the whole world participates in the international widow’s day to mark their presence in a good cause.

Scroll down to have a look at its origin as well as the motives with which it is celebrated every year across the whole globe.

Calendar: 23rd June

International widow’s day History and Theme
International widow’s day History and Theme

History: The Loomba Foundation played a major role in the initiation of this day. Typically, Loomba’s mother got died on 23rd June of the year 1954 and had to face a lot of struggles being a widow.

Understanding the hardships of women, Loomba Foundation decided to celebrate 23rd June as International Widow Day in 2005 and celebrated its first anniversary in 2010 with the assistance of the UN.

Typically, not just the widow women but their children also face the hardships a lot such as they have to withdraw their school admissions because of lack of money sources.

Over and all, this day is just to empower the widows so that they can stand strong and rigid after the death of their husbands to feed their families.

Earning bread and butter is not a mere important thing to do but women should also concentrate on their mental strength too.

International widow’s day
International widow’s day History and Theme

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