International Special Librarian’s Day |History|

International Special Librarian’s Day |History| : Don’t you feel confident about arming yourself with detailed information and knowledge about different topics?

Well, no doubt knowledge is power and it is such a great tool which enhances the personality of an individual.

International Special Librarian’s Day which is held on 16th April, highly values and respects the role of professionals and librarians by putting forth their role in front of the global community. It is to honor their immense contribution which they have been doing around the globe.

International Special Librarian’s Day |History|

International Special Librarian’s Day
International Special Librarian’s Day

International Special Librarian’s Day History

International Special Librarian’s Day was established by The Special Libraries Association (SLA) in 1991. The continuous promotion of the International events acts as the platform for the professionals to showcase their work as well as resources to an increasing possible audience. SLA provides the promotional materials.


There has been a sea change in the way libraries have been an epitome of sophistication and advancement.  Right from the times where through inception of libraries, they were privately owned which required paid membership or fees. By the 1800s, the concept of private libraries became a part of the usual practice. While the early 20th century witnessed their advancement where many branches opened across the country in the US.


Currently, they offer a vast degree of technological inventions in terms of e-reading material, audio books along with free computer skill classes. While many offer workshops on hobbies and life skills.


Information acts as a great tool 


Do we know that learned people have such a powerful tool with themselves where they know how to work their way in challenging times. Yes, indeed people can’t really fool them over the course of their business or through entering partnerships. The same goes for the companies who rely on people with great specialized knowledge.


National Librarian Day is a chance to be thankful to the wide list of knowledge which librarians possess and disseminate. The usual notion that librarians are book slingers who reshelf or do cataloging, however their role as a bundle of resources is never debated.


Library Days are a time to celebrate the occasion where their informative role is certainly put forward. The specific day which is celebrated on 16th April every year uses a theme or targets an audience to carry forward the legacy of readers and information sharers who are playing a pivotal role towards enlightening the lives of people.


Besides the professional librarians who purchase books, catalogues them, liaise with local educational institutions, teach students, hold functions etc, they have been synonymous towards adopting new technologies as per the changing needs.


People with knowledge are automatically regarded with high esteem, respect and lots of warmth while meeting with the masses. This is where the role and contribution of libraries comes to play. After all, these are the prime centers of sharing global knowledge and act as the biggest reason for enlightening the lives of people.


Library fulfills an important part of the society by creating a team which prides itself with having knowledge where youth and teens have constructive and safe medium to mould their future through positive things.

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