International Museum Day

International Museum Day : International Museum Day is observed on May 18 with an aim to conserve museums as they are a prime source of historical and cultural reflection. They equally open the path of revenue for the concerned governments. Their upkeep is of prime importance. They also act as one of the main reflections of cultural exchange. They are also a symbol of peace, tranquility and brotherhood for the people across the world.

International Museum Day

International Museum Day
International Museum Day


ICOM has been organizing International Museum Day since 1977.  There is a specific theme of the event which the International Council of Museums Advisory Committee organizes, as many countries participate in the same. The themes are based on a wide list of options concerning globalization, creating more culturally rich surroundings, and sensitizing people regarding a caring attitude for the environment. There are different activities which take place based on the theme set on the specific year.


About International Council of Museums

ICM is the organization concerning media professionals which plays a pivotal role towards safeguarding as well as protecting the cultural heritage on a global level. It holds a vision which works towards promoting culture and knowledge which is further backed by 31 International Committees who have expertise in the field so as to benefit the museum community.



Museums are an epitome of religious, cultural and historical value. They are the biggest reflection of preserving rich cultural heritage, artifacts, sculptures etc. They also give the most profound reason for new generations to know and get insights about an era which has gone by.

The International Council of Museums coordinates the day and event which enjoys a specific theme every year. The theme highlights the issues or concerns which museums face around the globe.

For example, The theme for 2021 was “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”.

There has been a greater need to safeguard them so that things of historical importance can be intact and protected for generations to come. Therefore, when the event takes place, the responsibility of museum professionals to empower the public about the struggles which museums face creates a positive approach in the minds of masses. This sensitization process is dearly needed and adhered to, for the development of the society as people become aware and alert regarding the duties for the upkeep of historical monuments.

Different countries of the world take part in the event. Based on the growing concerns regarding the upkeep of monuments, the event has been appreciated and welcomed by masses in general across the world. Right from America to Oceania including Asia, Europe, Africa etc, there has been the biggest ever popularity experienced.



The greatness of any event lies towards the way it is able to celebrate the occasion by bringing people from different professions together. Therefore, there are various organizations concerning fashion, astronomy, farming, space, archaeology, history, culture, art etc  who organize free trips for people to visit and be a proud witness to the glory of the museums. Based on the increasing sensitization process, the list of museums taking part in International Museum Day is increasing. It is certainly a healthy sign.

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