International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day : A day to cherish in the lives of trekking and hiking enthusiasts, the international mountain day takes place on 11th December of every year. This annual celebration aims to emphasize sustainable development in the area covered with hills as well as mountains.  Here is a lot about the day that one needs to know certainly especially when he or she is interested in knowing the life and facts about mountains. Scroll down to pay an eye to the same.

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day
International Mountain Day

Coinage of the international mountain day

The International Mountain Day was announced in 2003 by the UN’s General Assembly after which the whole globe began to celebrate it annually. Typically, the UN observed a hike in the importance of mountains among the people that led to the declaration of 2002. In this declaration, 2002 was decided as the International Year of Mountains. The very first international day was celebrated in 2003.

Why we celebrate international mountain day?

Typically, the day endows the whole populace with an opportunity to spread awareness regarding the mountain diversity protection and understanding the responsibility regarding the same. Also, the whole globe celebrates the day with the comprehension that mountains make a delicate ecosystem of nature that gets affected by the gigantic pressure. Not merely this, but we need to understand that climate change, pollution, and over-exploitation also leads to disturbance in such delicate ecosystems. It is the main reason we all celebrate the day and make the purpose meaningful.

The theme of International Mountain Day 2020

When concerning the theme of international mountain day of 2020, the theme is kept “mountain diversity”. The theme indicates the rich biodiversity covered under the mountains and promotes the celebration of the same. It aims to address all the problems and issues that the whole globe face with disturbance in mountain regions. The mountains can be counted as the most incredible landscapes across every corner of the globe. The unique topography, isolation as well as compressed climatic zones lead to the creation of favorable conditions for a plethora of existing life forms.

Facts that we need to know about the mountains:

Here is the list of highly interesting facts about the mountains. Check down below to pay an eye to the same.

  • The mountains cover a huge space on the earth’s whole surface that is 27 percent.
  • About half of the biodiversity hotspots are covered by the mountains.
  • When considering key biodiversity areas of the Earth, then 30% of them are in the mountains.
  • A lot of essential crops in the world originate in the mountains.
  • Mountains pay home to a plethora of livestock species.
  • Mountain biodiversity is home to various food plants, medicinal plants, and numerous other unique plants.
  • The mountains play an essential role in maintaining the quality of water, soil, and air high.

Considering the benefits of mountains, we all should celebrate International mountain day with full enthusiasm and spread the word among the whole global populace.

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