International Level Crossing Awareness Day

By | June 8, 2019

International Level Crossing Awareness Day is celebrated on 7th june.

Human’s life is too important not only for themselves but for their friends and family as well. If you also believe the same, then you must try to put essential efforts to ensure at least your safety. International Level Crossing Awareness Day is also celebrated for the same purpose. During its celebrations, people generally stand up for creating awareness among the people so that they can take care of themselves at best.

Imagine one of your dear-ones die within seconds due to the wrong attempt of railway level crossing. It is even hard to imagine because we are always afraid to lose our near and dear ones. If you don’t want to see the life to get ended within seconds, then you must participate in celebrations of international level crossing awareness day.

International Level Crossing Awareness Day
International Level Crossing Awareness Day

Why do we need to be aware of the level crossing?

In answer to this query, you must know that the speed of trains can go up to 125mph. Thus, it is quite essential to pay attention while crossing railway tracks.

Celebration day: 7th June

Statistics: According to the researchers, 95% of people die due to level crossings because of using road vehicles improperly.

In short, international level crossing awareness day has safety as its prime motive; To ensure the well being of the people while crossing railway lines, International Level Crossing Awareness is celebrated every year.

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