International Jazz Day |History Facts Celebration|

International Jazz Day : International Jazz Day is basically celebrating the coexistence of humans where music binds them together in a refreshing, cheerful and enjoying manner. Observed on April 30th, the day marks the beauty of what life offers where people celebrate the gift of music by gelling together as a close knit family. It is also the time to witness the talents of different musicians from across the globe doing magic with various instruments in the form of trumpet, piano, saxophone, clarinet etc. Yes, the day equally offers us to celebrate by using different musical instruments where we realize that the craze isn’t without a reason for sure.

International Jazz Day |History Facts Celebration|

International Jazz Day
International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day – History

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in the year 2011, derived the immense importance of music and how it can bridge the gap by uniting people from around the world. Hence, this is how the significance of International Jazz Day came into effect. Likewise, it has been happening since then every year where music lovers share their experiences.

People irrespective of their walks of life and concerning different professions in the form of artists, historians, communities come together. It is with the sole aim of raising awareness about the beauty of jazz and to sensitize people about the roots associated with the same. Additionally, the impact and enriching future associated, which this enthralling music has to offer.

The kind of happy, cheerful and exciting faces only showcase a deeper message which is to reinforce international cooperation and communication. Yes, the celebration is a part of how we can create happy times where there is greater level of communication between communities and masses and every human being feels a part of this awesome celebratory experience.

Likewise, these events only add to the creation of intercultural dialogue as well as bringing people on a mutual platform through such a god gifted platform called music.

There is no one who cares about the background you come from, as the music overpowers any other ideology as people can be seen joining together with full on celebration. Past events are forgotten where people focus on how friendship and harmony can create happy faces, strengthen friendship and give hope where people are able to live with dignity and respect.

The day speaks volumes about how one re-affirms the promotion of diversity by ensuring that people from different backgrounds and culture come together on a single platform where the only binding force is music. Yes, the beauty of music sidelines or removes any differences where equality becomes the only motto for one and all.

How one can celebrate International Jazz Day

The event sees the live concerts which you can attend. Likewise, people host parties and along with the same, organise workshops and conferences. One can directly download jazz related educational material online for getting an idea in terms of the way to organise and run the event. Let’s do our bit towards raising awareness while creating a happy world to live in the process as well.

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