International Human Solidarity Day History And Facts

International Human Solidarity Day History And Facts : The agenda of sustainable development is centred not merely on a particular community or individual but on the planet and people where human rights underpin the same. The global partnership also supports the cause of life poverty among people along with which hunger and diseases are also tried to combat by the same. Therefore, the focus of the sustainable development agenda got shifted to solidarity and global cooperation.


With sustainable development goals, we celebrate international human solidarity day on 20th December annually. Scroll down to more about the same.

International Human Solidarity Day History And Facts

International Human Solidarity Day History And Facts
International Human Solidarity Day History And Facts

Facts about the international human solidarity day:


It is a day that we celebrate to cherish unity in diversity.

On this day, the main aim is kept to raise awareness of the importance of solidarity among the common public.

This day reminds governmental bodies to respect their commitments taken under international agreements.

The day encourages debates on methods that promote solidarity for accomplishing sustainable development goals comprising eradication of poverty.

The day acts to encourage the upcoming initiative that eradicates poverty and promotes among the unaware people too.


History of the international human solidarity day:


The Millennium Declaration identifies solidarity as one of the vital fundamental values of international relations that are considered in the 21st century. Apart from that the people who suffer or get least benefit deserve to be assisted by those who get the most benefit. In short, the context of globalisation is indispensable as it strengthens international solidarity and overcomes the factors responsible for growth of inequality.


With the help of various initiatives, people seek to decrease poverty across the whole globe with the proclamation of the very great international human solidarity day. The World Solidarity fund is also one among such initiatives that assists the authorities in poverty eradication. It includes the involvements of every relevant stakeholder that promotes the fight of the whole globe against poverty.


Typically the concept of solidarity defines the job roles of the United Nations that they have played since the very first day of its establishment. The United Nations organisation was created to bring the nations and their populace together so that human rights of people can be preserved.The other goals of the organization include promotion of peace across every corner of the globe and economic development of the countries.


The basic premise of the foundation of the UN organisation began to promote unity and harmony among the member states of the organisation who collectively relied on solidarity and made the efforts to maintain security and peace on a global basis. As far as it is concerned about the establishment of world human solidarity day, the credit goes to the general assembly set on 22nd december of 2005 when 60/209 resolution identified solidarity as a universally fundamental value to be considered. On the day, it was decided that 20th December of every year will be celebrated as international human solidarity day now onwards. Since then, we celebrate the day with full enthusiasm to help the poor and needy.

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