International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science :  In science, the whole world is doing progress in the field of science and technology. With the advancements, gender equality is also getting acceleration. Therefore, the General Assembly by UNESCO led to the formation of the international day of women and girls in science on 11th February.

The United Nations-Women played a major role in the establishment of the day too. A lot of other college institutions and partners of civil society also aimed to promote the role of women and girls in science. The main focus of the day is to promote full and equal partnership and participation of women and girls in science so that they get equal opportunities too.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

International Day of Women and Girls in Science
International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Aim of the International day of women and girls in science

Gender equality has always been a priority for UNESCO as the organization always seeks to lend a hand to the girls in promoting a high level of education for them. Not merely this, but the organization also supports the girl gender in the utilization of their abilities that lead to development and peace with the innovative ideas striking their minds. While tackling the major challenges coming in the way of sustainable development agenda, UNESCO does not forget the role women can play in talent harnessing to improve health and combat climate change. It means the international organizations want to promote women to work in various diverse fields that need to be improved in the present or future for the betterment of the world.

Background of International day of women and girls in science

The International Day of Women and girls in science began in the year 2015 on 22nd December when the General Assembly decided to established a day that promotes the role of women in the technology sector. Since then, the whole celebrate the day on 11th February of every year. The international community was always seeking a way to address a plethora of challenges across the world. Among those challenges, the major was the handling of technological disruption and controlling the rapid climate changes. The basic reason behind the celebrations of this day is that women should not be deprived of the creativity and intelligence of women who face inequalities and prejudices continued among their societies. Also, the potential of the women should be utilized in the right way, it is the reason for which the day was recognized and has been observed by the world populace every year.

In short, equality in diverse fields including science and technology is essential and the efforts of the whole world can make it possible for women to come out of their comfort zones and work in their respective fields. Humanity has a lot to gain, thus, science and technology need the serious contribution of girl gender too and therefore we need to keep on celebrating the day until we get the clear gender equality everywhere in true manners.

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