International Day of UN Peacekeepers

International Day of UN Peacekeepers :

The United Nations observes 29th May as the International Day of UN Peacekeepers in memory of the selfless service undertaken by civilian and uniformed personnel. This is done to boost their morale as its main agenda is to keep the objective of peacekeeping alive and in full force.

The UN peacekeeping mission started in 1948 and till date, the organization has lost a significant number of its staff where over 4,000 have died until now. While there have been the deaths of 130 UN peacekeepers in 2020

International Day of UN Peacekeepers

International Day of UN Peacekeepers
International Day of UN Peacekeepers


The mission of the UN began with the formation of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO). It was the first peacekeeping mission which started operating in Palestine on 29th May. Hence, the specific day holds historic importance as the decision to observe the day as International Day of UN Peacekeepers was taken at the UN General Assembly on February 24.


Right after the beginning of operation, the need of sending peacekeepers has only grown higher and bigger. Since, there have been over 1 million men and women who have happily served 72 UN peacekeeping operations. The operation has resulted in saving people from distress, disharmony and poverty by creating a positive change which can’t be expressed in mere words.



The day reminds everyone of the struggles and dedication which UN Peacekeepers have been doing for decades. It also offers the time and opportunity for the audience world over to recognize their courage and selfless service. They have been serving the masses as police professionals, military or civilians. The day equally strengthens the bond which the local masses generate for the UN Peacekeepers as it further cements the ideology of spreading peace through love and affection.


It is true that the youth of the world have lots of energy and zeal to do something big and better. Hence, it becomes easier to develop connections with them easily and instantly. Most of the UN peacekeepers are in the age group of 18 and 29 and they have an easier and effective approach towards handling the youth related issues while at the same time, working on their mission of establishing peace through collaborations with the groups.


How the day is observed

The UN Headquarters in New York becomes a proud witness to a wreath-laying ceremony presided by the Secretary-General in memory of those who have lost their lives in their mission of spreading peace. The UN peacekeepers are spread across the world and are selflessly working towards spreading peace and protecting the rights of civilians. The UN knows and understands the immense importance of collaborating with the young people as the exercise will channelize their energy towards bringing a positive change which the world dearly needs as of now. This is effectively done through holding sporting events, essay competitions, conferences etc which involves the participation of a sizable local population with the basic agenda of spreading peace. Let’s remember those who are no more with us and enlighten the future generations about the immense importance of creating a world which is full of peace and happiness.


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