International Day Of The Seal

International Day of the Seal : Seals are not merely the cute and beautiful creatures but their presence in the zoo shows also put a remarkable impact. Not merely this, but it is also the most hunted marine mammal across the whole globe. There are fair chances regarding the extinction of these creatures too. Humans have always been a great threat to them as human beings capture them for meat, blubber or their pelts. Therefore we celebrate International Day of the Seal on 22nd March to promote the need to conserve their count so that they do not get extinct with time. Scroll down to gather all the necessary information about the same.

International Day Of The Seal

International Day Of The Seal
International Day Of The Seal

Origin of the international seal day

The United States Congress declared the occurrence of the international day of the seal on 22nd March 1982. The purpose of the origin of the day was to put a halt on the cruelty that humans show towards seals due to which their population keeps on decreasing with time.


Facts about international day of the seal

  • The Marine Mammal Protection Act was put in 1972 by the United States that keeps a check on the seals protection.
  • The United States’ humane society has various programs that keep on promoting the need of seal protection across every corner of the globe.
  • Even when there did not exist a day like International Day of the seal, seals were considered an important mammal and a vital creature of a plethora of cultures. It is evident from the Ancient Greek coins that used to have a seal image carved on them. Not only that, but Aristotle and Homer also mentioned seal names in their works. Also, Celts used to believe on a lot of myths according to which seals could walk.


How to celebrate international day of the seal?

The celebrations of the international day of the seal can be held in different ways some of which are as following.

  • On the special day of the seals, you can become an audience to the seal show conducted in different zoos.
  • You can also become a volunteer feeder for the seals in captivity.
  • Conduct a movie marathon at your home and make movies about the seal stories so that your family members can enjoy the same.
  • A lot of movies that you can watch about seals are Arctic Tale, Salty the Seal, Totti, The White Seal, etc.
  • At the local schools and colleges, you can make different discussions regarding the dangers that seals have to go through.
  • To witness the full effect show, Discovery channel as well as National Geographic channel can lend you a big hand too.

All-in-all, the purpose of the international seal day is to broadcast the knowledge about seals. With the celebrations of the day, you can know the lives of seals from a closer view. It will not only promote the conservation of seals but also encourage the people to respect the lives of those who cannot speak or raise voice for themselves. It will make humans more humane and help seals in the protection of their lives.

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