International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace : The UN General Assembly in August 2013, decided to specify April 6 as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Hence, this day (IDSDP) is celebrated annually which bridges the gap by developing communities, driving social change and spreading peace.

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

UNESCO concentrates itself with physical education and sport. It acts as the lead agency of the United nations. It is of the view that sport signifies gender equality, social inclusion and youth empowerment which has a series of benefits that can be implemented right through practical lives as well. For example, “Team Spirit” and “Fair Play” act as the most useful characteristics in our daily lives, which are very important for society.  

April 6 remembers the heavy utility which is associated with sports. The day sends an invaluable message about how global solidarity can be enforced through sports by minimizing the gap. There have been various social media movements which give an unshakable message about how sporting activities can create a healthy present along with the future. Yes, where social media campaigns have equally played an important role in strongly sending across the message.

Societies have vastly been benefited by sports since ages whether it involves competitive sport, physical activity or simply a play.

Sport has an instant connection with the masses and offers increasing recognition. Sporting activities are low cost which potentially has high impact towards peace building efforts, humanitarian and development. So, whether it is the United Nations system or non governmental organizations working towards noble causes, sport becomes the most obvious and natural medium.

Sport offers a universal language where the best performance is appreciated while the losing teams are cheered unanimously, to uplift their morale for the next match. Yes, sport has become a highly important tool for social inclusion as this medium reminds us of the brotherly gestures we can easily adopt in our practical lives.

Sport offers a great investment for not just improving or developing the current situation, but it also acts as an important way of creating a pleasant change for times to come.

Sport is essential and so are the physical activities as they help us to remain healthy and fit. Sports teach qualities such as honesty, leadership, teamwork along with strategic planning. These skills are highly needed for people of all walks of life. It has all round pleasant effect in terms of overpowering negative thoughts, improving mental health, minimizing stress and depression and creating a highly strengthening immune system.

Sporting activities show how invaluable team spirit can actually increase the chance of winning the game. Similarly, the same is essayed in our practical lives where the need to live with neighbors, communities and everyone like a team minimizes the daily struggles and challenges for everyone.

Sport has the potential to change the lives for better and the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace simply creates an unimaginable and invaluable effect by essaying on the importance of sport in our lives. After all, players accept the defeat and rejections better as they are certainly not afraid to lose a game. This trait act as the biggest reason of saving oneself from mental trauma and depression among masses.

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