International Day of Living Together in Peace

International Day of Living Together in Peace : International day of living together in peace is a beautiful and noble concept highlighting the relevance and importance of living together. This can be achieved, as we sideline or overlook the differences by respecting and appreciating others where we achieve a healthy and peaceful co-existence.

International Day of Living Together in Peace

International Day of Living Together in Peace
International Day of Living Together in Peace


The Second World War brought with itself various challenges and sufferings where people needed love, support and importantly humanitarian assistance. UN called for global ceasefire where everyone should collectively work towards fighting the biggest enemy that is pandemic. There was a greater need to minimize the economic fall-outs which directly posed a stiff challenge to disturb international peace and security which if unchecked may even lead to violence.

In order to comprehend the situation, the United Nations chalked out strategies to put a stiff resistance where overcoming the challenges arising out of pandemic can become the reality. Various member states along with civil society groups have joined hands together.  Humanitarian assistance should reach the most vulnerable sections. A resolution was passed in the year 2000, where it was named as “International Year of living together in peace”


May 16 is regarded as an international day for peace which sensitizes the international community with an aim to promote peace and tolerance. The day marks the significant chapter to live together while standing with others in their problems which paves the way towards promotion of peace and tranquility in the world.

The day also promotes get-together globally which enhances peace where the differences must be overlooked and compassion should be the sole motto.

This will ease the burgeoning problems arising out of social, cultural, economic or that of humanitarian character. The declaration highlights that for people to live closely with each other, it is important that all sort of negativities in the form of intolerance or discrimination on the basis of color, religion, language, political, ethnic, social etc need to end once and for all.

After all, there can’t be a greater way to live a life of respect and honor where we accept the differences and should listen to others by giving respect in the process. So that everyone can live a life of dignity and importantly in the process there will be peace and happiness as well.

Imagine a world where there is no suffering as people are living together in harmony and peace. Yes, that’s the exact world which is the need of the hour where people care and help each other in distress.

How one should celebrate the day

It is important for everyone be united. Since, it is a sad state of affairs where in spite of the fact that the world is interconnected, yet human relations with respect to different societies, cultures and nations haven’t been closer or stronger. There is mistrust and hatred coupled with poverty along with lack of economic opportunities which have only added to the level of intolerance. Let humanity wins where everyone has a soft corner to the sufferings and problems of one and all.

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