International Day of Human Space Flight

International Day of Human Space Flight : The United Nations (UN) celebrates International Day of Human Space Flight on April 12 every year. This has been done after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on April 7, 2011. The day creates a live era about how the first human space flight on April 12, 1961 witnessed a landmark step for the rest of the world to see and take note of.

International Day of Human Space Flight

International Day of Human Space Flight
International Day of Human Space Flight

What People Do

The International Day signifies the importance of space science and the way it contributed towards the advancement of technology in the world of today. The day also holds the significant factor for aspirants to get a new found zeal, motivation and enthusiasm for exploring outer space for peaceful purposes.

There are certain activities which make part of promotion on the day in terms of how certain technology has been used in outer space, photo exhibitions as well as commemorative stamps

The International Day of Human Space Flight also sees different kinds of commemorative stamps during the time. In order to honor the contribution of the world’s first cosmonaut reaching outer space, his statue has been erected in 1981 which is located about 40 kilometers from Saratov, Russia.


What is the main aim of celebrating the day?

Well, the main aim is to create a positive vibe by bringing common interest in mankind at a certain level wherein it is easy for promotion of outer space for peaceful purposes.


Background of United Nations and Space

The United Nations has been emphasizing the relevance and importance of outer space since beginning and also greatly created the need of how it  (Outer space) added new dimensions in the existence of humans.

The day signifies the importance of the space era, we are currently living in and that also heavily shows the importance of science and technology towards improving life on Earth.

This can’t be possible without the sustainable use of technology towards developing goals by maintaining an increasing status of the States and people. It is done by instilling the value of outer space which is used for peaceful purposes.

After Yuri Gagarin became the first person to go into outer space, this became the historic incident which equally opened the gate and means of space exploration for one and all. Since, then there has been loads of progress which carried forward the success record. Like reaching the moon, creating an orbital laboratory and sending International Space station probes to know about new found areas of the solar system. There are various planets in the form of Mars, where humans have faced a challenge of their own like the absence of air, water and soil for plants to grow.

However, we as humans continue to expand our horizons and reach other planets as well apart from the moon. Hopefully, someday there will be a journey which is possible beyond the solar system and the place our generations can proudly call home. Let the celebration of mankind continue to grow bigger and deeper with each and every passing day.

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