International Day of Forests/World Forestry Day

International Day of Forests/World Forestry Day  : Right from the houses where we live, notebooks that we use to the medicines we intake, everything has some or more connection with forests that we generally ignore. The linkage of forests with our daily lives is very much influential. To spread the word about the importance of forests, we celebrate 21st March every year. The following article contains all the necessary information about the international day of forests that everyone must gather to get some general knowledge dose.

International Day of Forests/World Forestry Day 

International Day of Forests/World Forestry Day
International Day of Forests/World Forestry Day

History of International Day of Forests

In the year 2012, the United Nations General Assembly passed a proclamation to celebrate 21st March as the International Day of Forests. The main objective to mark this celebration was to aware people of the importance of forests in the lives of human beings. Since then, the whole globe organises a plethora of activities and planting campaign for forest conservation. The organisations naming the United Nations Forum on Forests and the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations) organise the events where they collaborate with different organisations and Governments. They induce the knowledge and teaching factor in every event to make people aware of forest conservation.

Themes for International Day of Forests

Every year, people celebrate the international day of forests with a new theme where the aim to make the most of the day remains the same every year. In the year 2021, the theme for IDF is “Forest Restoration: A path to recovery and well-being”. The theme restoration and sustainable forests’ management assist people in addressing issues related to climate change as well as the biodiversity crisis. Forests help us in producing goods and services that foster economic activities for job creation and life improvement while keeping sustainable development in mind. With this, the governments are planning to revive and protect forest ecosystems.

Significance of forests

The sustainable management of forests is the main key to combat changes in climate that can help future generations to live with prosperity and well-being. Forests play a vital role in the alleviation of poverty and the achievement of humans’ Sustainable Development Goals. Though forests endow us with priceless ecological, social, economic and health perks yet the deforestation rate is increasing with the time that has now reached an alarming stage.

All about forest cover in India

Since India has got independence, one-fifth of the Indian land has been a part and parcel of forest cover. But, the fact to consider is that the population has increased three times more than that time. There is still no halt to the increasing population. The Biennial state of 2019’s Forest Report suggests that India’s forest cover got increased by 3976 square km since 2017. We can say that a 0.56% increment has been observed in forest cover since 2017. Since 2007, it is the second time when the officials recorded increase that of 1275 square km. The gain got observed in dense forests and even in the forests having a canopy density of over 70%. Also, the increment has been calculated in the moderately dense forests, having canopy density of about 40 to 70%.

Over and all, we all should be aware of forest conservation, and we should plant a tree every year for achievement of sustainable development goals.

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