International Creativity and Innovation Day

International Creativity and Innovation Day : The day marks the significant chapter in the lives of people where they can generate new ideas and practically implement them in the world towards creating a more meaningful and a better place to dwell in. International Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated on 21st April Every year.

International Creativity and Innovation Day

International Creativity and Innovation Day
International Creativity and Innovation Day

What is creativity?

Creativity can be regarded as a platform where we use our skills and thoughts towards addressing the problems in a better manner. It can also be understood as the way of generating new ideas and further building on them towards taking a detailed decision where our problems cease to exist as they rather become opportunities. Our mind continuously looks for new solutions which can change the way we look at issues as they rather become our tools to continuously rise further towards success. Hence, creativity is a way of changing life for the better.


Like with all others, creativity has its own day as well and May 25th, 2001 was witnessed as the World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID) in Canada’s capital Toronto.

The person who was responsible for implementing the creativity has been a lady who studied creativity in 1977 at the International Center for Studies in Creativity. Yes, as a Canadian by nationality, she was Marci Segal who was responsible for founding the day.

Her reason for starting the occasion has been quite interesting and worth mentioning. She was greatly moved when the headline was published in the Canadian daily where it was said that ‘Canada in Creativity Crisis’, she thought of creating something so as to compensate for the loss.

She has a strong belief, that at the time of adversity, if people start using their brain towards generating new ideas, go to new horizons or take actions, create new decisions as well as achieve new results then all of the same process can create an interesting world which will be a much better place to live in.

Based on her immense zeal and enthusiasm, she created the first of its kind event in April 2002 so that others can be encouraged to use their own level of thought process and creativity. Considering the high popularity it has achieved and received from various countries as well as opportunities across the world, that day gathered quite high popularity.

Creativity enhances risk taking abilities

The day also created the need for others to be inspired to make full use of creativity in their lives for enhancing the times they spend and pass in the world.  The main objective of the day is to encourage people who do out of the box thinking or in other words, they create new ideas and make new decisions and use them in their lives creatively.

In reality, all of us are creative in our approach. Yes, all of us think differently and those of us who have the capability of taking risks and learning from mistakes potentially go ahead quickly than others. Hence, creativity can be termed as an act which is there in all of us and based on the extent of the way we use the same, we can potentially move further in our lives.

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