International Civil Aviation Day History and Background

International Civil Aviation Day History and Background :

On 7th December annually, the whole globe celebrates International Civil Aviation Day. The observation of the day has become quite essential and significant due to an increase in the business of air travel within a few decades. Air traveling has become very frequent these days as the aircraft services have improved a lot with time. Whether it is about domestic, national, or international trips, the availability of flights has become very effortless with which people can just hop from one place to another in a few hours. It does not ease the mode of travel but also endowed the people with comfort in expanding their businesses to international levels. With this, it becomes quite important for you to understand the importance of civil aviation day observed internationally.

International Civil Aviation Day History and Background

International Civil Aviation Day History and Background
International Civil Aviation Day History and Background

History of the International Civil Aviation Day

Due to advancements in technology, the lifestyles of people have begun becoming sophisticated and lavish these days. In earlier times, people used to travel by bullock carts, then moved to buses and trains and now air traveling has become their favorite. Though the buses and trains are available on the date too the modern businesses feel the need for air travel the most and it is the reason this mode gets too much importance.

While comprehending the same, the UN-led ICAO decided to celebrate the International Civil Aviation Day on 7th December of every year. In the year 1994, the first of this day was observed to celebrate the 50 years of air travel expansion. Officially, the International Civil Aviation Day got recognition by the UN General Assembly in 1996. To fabricate the stalling of the day, the UN decided to work on the three essential parameters.

Three essential parameters:

  1. Social Impact that the air industry has put on the people
  2. Significance of the aviation industry economically
  3. Bridging of a well-established network of air travel globally

Keeping these parameters in mind, they set a goal to reach a global mark by the year 2030. The motive was to improve the aviation industry and focusing on its development to ensure vertical sustainability across the establishment of the new standards. The founders of the day thought to make the whole world a big global community observed in a nutshell.

Background of International Civil Aviation Day

The delegates from different nations with the count 54 were invited in 1944 by the US and they all gathered at the Stevens Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Chicago. They all signed the Chicago convention that permits the peaceful development of the civil aviation system globally. The motive was kept to offer assistance to people of all nations and till that day we all celebrate International Civil Aviation Day with full enthusiasm.

The way to celebrate the day keeps on varying with the varying ideas of the people but the motive always remains the same to bind all the nation in a close nutshell.


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