International Children’s Defense Day

International Children’s Defense Day

Being a famous holiday from the past times, International Children’s defense day is celebrated every year for ensuring the protection of the children. Usually, the celebrations of this day occur on the very first day of the summer season, which means 1st June. Even the schools have connected the defense days with the holidays which happen every summer. These are the longest holidays among the schoolchildren, which varies from 20 days to 2 months according to the varying rules and regulations of the schools. It is believed that children somehow defend themselves from their teachers and visit the waters or mountains to let the stress away.

International Children's Defence Day
International Children’s Defence Day

Origin: In the year of 1925, an international conference was conducted for the protection of children in Geneva. After that, 1949 was the year when the UN agreed to celebrate Children’s defense day. It was initiated on 1st June of 1950.

Documents and agreements related to children’s safety:

1959: Declaration on children’s rights

1989: Convention of children’s rights

1992: Legal approval of Convention of children’s rights

1996: Armenia’s republic law on children’s rights

Extrapolation of the above indicates that the UN has never stepped back when it comes to secure and protect the rights of the children of the whole world. To ensure the safety of every child across every corner of the globe, the UN put all the necessary efforts to make the dreams of a safe world come true.

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