International Children’s Day of Broadcasting

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting : There might not be any child who does not watch TV, listen to the radio or never use any broadcasting medium for entertainment. Keeping the same in mind, we celebrate international children’s day of broadcasting on the very first Sunday of every March. With the celebrations of this day, UNICEF wanted to promote the broadcasting channels so that they pay more attention to the interests of the children and play more programs related to kids than before.


The children should be a part and parcel of programming procedures and therefore UNICEF encourages the broadcasting media to improve the air quality programming. A plethora of broadcasters take part in this holiday and celebrates the day with full enthusiasm. Every year they come up with different ideas and add glory to the celebrations by bringing huge smiles to the faces of children.

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting

International Children’s Day of Broadcasting
International Children’s Day of Broadcasting

Facts about the international children’s day of broadcasting

  • Generally, we call the international children’s day of broadcasting with ICDB.
  • In the year of 1994, UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Publication and Arts established an award known as the ICDB award for special contributions by the people.
  • The ICDB award goes to the broadcasting companies that reflect the ICDB theme-based programs.
  • The theme for international broadcasting children’s Day changes every year.
  • There is another award that goes to the broadcasting TV channels as well as radio broadcasters that is presented by UNICEF.


The children based programs play an essential role in character building of the children and making them more humane than ever. UNICEF is an organization that thinks and acts for the welfare of children across the whole globe.


As far as the celebrations of the day are considered, children are given chance at a lot of radio channels to the kids-related programs. Here is the brief information about the celebrations held in different countries across the world.


Europe: In Azerbaijan and other neighboring countries, children act as anchors as well as producers on a special program managed for children for 25 minutes.


Latin America and Caribbean region: In the particular region, the activities and achievements performed by the children are highlighted in the media. The rights of children are kept in mind and therefore the kids are encouraged to participate in sports, plays, and other recreational activities.


Africa: Swazi TV broadcasts programs focusing on the lives of children at 10 am. In Sierra Leone, 2 stations on TV and 9 radio stations cover special children’s programs on the ICDB day.


Asia: Bhopal state in India once played programs anchored by 100 school students on All India Radio. A lot of other events took place in other Asian countries including Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Bangladesh.


Middle East: In Egypt, UNICEF launched a kid’s based show “SOTNA” where more than 30 people are involved in the production and video direction team.


Along with these, various other countries play programs on the radio as well as TV stations regarding the contribution of children and keep encouraging them. Keep celebrating the day and make the children successful by encouragement.

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