International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day : There is nothing better than ensuring a proper environment of learning and reading for children across the world. 

Yes, welcome to International Children’s Book Day which shows its emphatic presence on April 2 every year. It is a worldwide occasion to encourage parents and children to involve themselves with reading.

Teachers initiate celebration of this event every year with an aim to remind parents and children of the extreme importance and value which reading can potentially give.

International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day
International Children’s Book Day




It is always historically important to know the significance and value of occasions. Jella Lepman who is the founder of International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) started the tradition by firstly organizing International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) on April 2 in 1966.

Continuing with this traditional norm, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen is chosen as the celebration time which is on April 2, every year, by various international sections of IBBY to host events. This is done with an aim to sensitize parents, teachers as well as children to indulge themselves in various participating events right at their local communities.


The celebrations start with how the host country has been chosen for a specific year who then picks a theme while inviting a renowned author to write a message for children in the rest of the world. Thereafter, an experienced illustration service is taken who prepares a poster out of the story. The aim is obviously to encourage reading as well as promoting books for ICBD

In today’s world, the media plays a herculean role towards sensitizing and spreading awareness. Likewise, various IBBY sections make use of this effective medium for promoting ICBD by organizing activities in schools. ICBD is part of the similar movement where children centric activities matter.


Children’s Book Day signifies the importance of “The book” day can actually bring a sense of happiness and enjoyment. The day is also marked as the occasion where others are inspired to read by bringing attention to the children’s books.

You can be a part of surrounding yourself as a part of this awesome day by reading a book with your child.


Of course, you can never undermine the importance of Children’s Book Day. After all, reading has series of benefits as it increases the knowledge base of children by opening up newer horizons of thought processes. Thanks to the creative imagination it acts as a catalyst for opening out of the box thinking process where your child ensures a holistic development.


Reading further creates an increase in the vocabulary. The child will remember new words and new terminology. Reading has direct association with the brain as it helps in its development. 


Lastly, the morale of the child is further boosted. Since, there is nothing more beautiful than to see children reading fluently and you applaud them at the end. This in turn gives them confidence by boosting their self-esteem and seeing your child growing, will make you even prouder as well. So, start inculcating the process of passion and love for your children towards reading and fulfill your duty on International Children’s Book Day


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