International Charities That Help Around The World

International Charities That Help Around The World
International Charities That Help Around The World

International Charities That Help Around The World

Everyone lives life for themselves, but there are only a few who live to save humanity and the world. It becomes quite essential for the world to have such organizations that take responsibility for not merely a family but the whole planet. Getting a win over the myriad difficulties of the world is not an effortless job for those who do charity, but when numerous people join hands with them, the process becomes comparatively easy.

If there would not be such generous assistance in the hearts of the people even a few, there are huge possibilities of our planet becoming crowded with unmanageable adversities. Though there are a plethora of charities across the globe, a few International charities that help around the world , important ones are as follows.

International Charities That Help Around The World
International Charities That Help Around The World
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

A responsible organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation endow the world with the ability to fight hunger. The foundation is not limited to a specific country or region, but it is spread across every corner of the world. Primarily, this charity organization work for the eradication of child mortality rates as well as infectious diseases that are increasing rapidly in struggling or undeveloped countries.

  • Action Against Hunger/ ACF-USA

It is an international charity organization that assists the world in combating hunger. it uses the theory of detection and prevention with which it treats malnutrition. During natural disasters, war, and other identical situations, it reaches the victims and serves them with solutions. It has 30 years of experience and it conducts humanity based programs across 40 countries. ACF-USA lends a hand to about five million people every year.

  • Doctors Without Borders

As the name suggests, Doctors Without Borders is a charity organization working in the medical field. It provides needy people with emergency services. It visits people in adverse situations including natural disasters, epidemics, and where people have a deficiency of health care services.

  • Human Right Watch

With its establishment in 1978, Human Rights Watch began paying look at human rights conditions across the whole globe. It ensures the attainment of human rights reaching everywhere across the whole globe for which it conducts meetings and seminars with the government to reform policies. Over and all, it works to make the planet a better place for human with all rights.

  • Oxfam

It is a global organization that seeks to improve the situation of the world by reducing poverty to a certain level. It pays a keen eye to conditions causing poverty and fixes such situations with its efforts. Coming to its efforts, you can mark the presence of Oxfam in disaster response and other related programs where it endows people with improvement in their education and reducing poverty.

  • Red Cross Foundation

A well-known organization, Red Cross Foundation assists people in urgencies. It has a huge number of volunteers who participate in events to endow people with relief from disaster and provide better health and safety services to them. Also, it got fame due to its inclination towards blood donation programs, America’s military families, and other international services.

  • World Vision

It is another international organization but most of the organization comprises the majority of the Christian religion. It works to finish injustice, poverty across the whole globe by working in close contact with children and their families. With this, it becomes effortless for them to know the needs of the people. Though it is run by a single community, yet it does not discriminate based on religion, race, gender, or any other parameters. It works for about 100 countries to improve their lifestyle and endowing them with all possible assistance. Its accomplishments in donations include providence of clean water to poor and underdeveloped villages, offer a goat to a needy family, give money to needy and many others.

  • World Medical Relief

As visible from the name, World Medical Relief is a charity organization that was established in 1953 to endow people with medical services. It takes responsibility for the distribution of dental, medical, laboratory, and other related supplies to those areas where people need them. The organization relies on surplus supplies along with monetary help to endow the world with resourceful lives.

  • Save the Children

Another organization working for the welfare of children is Save the Children charity. It works for the distribution of food, medical supplies, health care, and education across every corner of the USA and globally too. It also serves the communities to deal with disaster management and all such situations that affect children. The main areas on which this organization focuses are poverty, illiteracy, diseases as well as hunger. Coming to the regions where it reaches till the date are Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

International Charities That Help Around The World

  • Other governmental organizations that work for the welfare of countries:

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) works to eradicate poverty among 179 countries and territories. Its tasks include the development of policies, partnerships, and skills with which people get sustainable improvement and progress.

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) aims to fight for the rights of children regarding protection, nutrition, shelter, and equality. It checks the progress by advocating children along with endowing children and their families with needed humanitarian assistance. 

WFP (World Food Programme) helps the world to fight hunger and ensures quality food distribution everywhere across the whole globe.

WHO (World Health Organisation) is one of the largest welfare organizations in the world. It works with governments directly to be sure about the healthy future of the whole world. It assists countries in fighting with diseases like epidemics, pandemics, and others.

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) eradicates hunger across 130 countries globally. Since 1945, it is helping people to fight hunger and it ensures nobody sleeps without food at night.

With all these governmental and non-governmental charity organizations, we are living safe and sound lives on a global level. If these types of organizations continue to persisting, then that day is not far when every person on the planet will be enjoying a happy life without worrying about the basic needs at least.

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