Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night

Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night : Has it become hard for you to get proper sleep? Is your sleep limited to just a couple of hours? If yes, then you have to take care of yourself. It is important to get at-least 8 hours of sleep daily. However, such an ‘ideal’ night of comfort seems to become a distant dream for many these days. Getting required sleep is needed for the body to repair damaged cells and muscles related injuries.  It also strengthens the body to fight against infections and diseases.

Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night

Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night
Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night

Hence, through the following post, you will know Indian home remedies for good sleep at night:-

Indian Home Remedies for Good Sleep at Night

Get a warm bath for yourself

Do you know that taking bath in a tub of warm water can help you sleep well? Yes, indeed and it is certainly different than taking shower though. You feel a soothing and calming effect as the warmth of the water will relax tensed muscles in a span of just 30 minutes. Thus, you get closer to getting quality sleep. Additionally, scented oils in the form of chamomile, rosemary, or lavender have properties that help you achieve quality sleep soon, so you can preferably use them in bathwater.


Kapalbhati is an asana that is responsible for calming the mind while removing tensions and worries. The exercise plays a pivotal role in giving a ‘balanced life’ to the individual while regulating mood swings and creating a free mind in the process. So, when the mind is at ease, then you feel more relaxed from within and that’s how you get closer to getting rest and finally sleep at its fixed time.


Makhana can get you closer to eradicating the problem of sleeplessness. Yes, you heard it right. So if you are experiencing problems at night of not being able to get proper sleep, then this Indian home remedy can help you overcome the same. It has anti-tumor, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. It gives you a complete overview of how you can create a healthy aspect of life with a simple and easy to get ingredient namely Makhana. Its associated properties also improve the digestion process and you can consume it while frying lightly and mixing ghee. It is simply very delicious in taste. Additionally, you have another delicious way to consume in the form of makhana kheer as well.


Barley has so many properties in the form of calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, amino acids including various other anti-oxidants. Considering its list of benefits many recommend barley water for overcoming the problem of sleeplessness. It is very easy; simply soak barley during night time and you should drink its water next morning.


It is true that consistency has its own importance and relevance and as you have cherries on daily basis, you experience a marked difference in the pattern of your sleep. Cherries have melatonin which plays an important part in inducing sleep. Likewise, it helps you to get a calm state of mind. It is equally tasty and that’s how you experience a double delight.

Add Saffron

One of the techniques that Indians practice is by using saffron with warm milk. Yes, it is quite a preferred method for those who experience trouble while sleeping. You just have to add one or two strands of saffron and it is more than sufficient, thanks to the rich aroma which saffron has.  It is so easy to derive its properties.


Another one of the Indian home remedies for good sleep at night can be achieved through Shirodhara. It uses oil extracted from Ayurvedic herbs. There is a therapy involving milk, oil, and ghee or water. The forehead and head are massaged with the liquid. In case you want to use the therapy with water, then place your head under a running tap for 10 minutes and you will experience relief in the process.

Do Yoga

India has deep roots when it comes to Yoga. The exercise has been practiced by people here for a long time now. Considering the awesome benefits in the form of creating a harmonious relationship between mind and body, its significance is only going to become more in the days to come. More so because yoga has huge healing properties as the doctors have also suggested people for healing themselves mentally and physically. It is important to learn the exercises from a trained professional before trying them yourself.

Drink Fenugreek Water

Considering the series of Indian home remedies, here’s one more in the form of fenugreek seed. Simply use it as a crushed one in water, and you can experience a marked pleasant difference. Thanks to the extent of benefits, these seeds have, even Ayurveda has understood their importance as they use them as a component in their medicines. It treats depression and anxiety so you feel a sense of relaxation and calmness within yourself. Also, certain hair oil comes with the presence of fenugreek, and regular massage help you to get sound sleep.

Have Apple Cider Vinegar

Amongst the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar such as reducing the level of cholesterol, it also promotes a healthy sleep cycle. It has amino acids that are responsible for breaking down fatty acids while producing serotonin and melatonin which are primarily responsible for helping you to get sound sleep. Others have found a marked difference and you can equally get closer to a comfortable good night sleep.

Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading the aforesaid Indian home remedies for good sleep you may experience a pleasant change. Considering their pleasant properties one can experience huge relief from sleepless nights. Your body and mind are two important constituents that need due care. So, ensure that your body is relaxed from within. Also, don’t take tension as anxiety is often the reason for getting sleepless nights. So have a positive attitude towards life. Look for the remedies which have a pleasant effect on you. However, in the extreme case when none of the aforesaid ones give you desired results, then you need to consult a doctor immediately.

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