Ideas for Better Sleep (for Teens)

Ideas for Better Sleep (for Teens)‘Sleep’ is such a blessing that has a healing effect on the body. Research highlights 8 to 10 hours of sleeping, which teenagers need at night. These hours of rest act as a lifeline for their body as they are still in their growing years and can’t afford to compromise on the aspect of health. However, many teens experience difficulty while sleeping and completing their required set of hours. This by far acts as detrimental to their overall growth which further affects their mood. Importantly, teenage is the phase when they also play an active role as students who need a ‘healthy mind’ and ‘body’ to cope with the pressure of studies and to excel and grow.

Ideas for Better Sleep (for Teens)

Ideas for Better Sleep (for Teens)
Ideas for Better Sleep (for Teens)

However, a teen who doesn’t get the required sleep fails to perform to his/her potential. Hence, the following post empowers you with ideas for better sleep (for teens):-

Time shift due to puberty

Teenage is the phase when they hit puberty and these hormones shift the sleeping time by one or two hours later. This means that they sleep late. The unfortunate part is that even though they sleep late, the school timing in the early morning fails to compensate them to get the required amount of sleep. Hence, it is the responsibility of guardians to convince them in getting the required sleep by going to bed early at night.

Avoid contact with gadgets for a long time

Do you know when you play games, browse sites or study online, your eyes are totally glued to the screen of smartphones, computers, or television. Your mind gets totally occupied in the whole action. So, it is important to avoid its contact at least an hour before going to bed, so that your brain relaxes and your mind comes to peace with itself.

Getting to sleep

Usually, children and teens experience a comfortable sleep 20 minutes after lying on the bed. The amount of time usually depends on factors such as “How tired they are” which depends on their day’s routine. When teens follow a specific routine, then they are able to sleep earlier in an easy manner. It is the responsibility of parents to look after the needs of teens where a responsible guardian can enquire about how a comfortable sleep has impacted them physically. As they recall how active and energetic they have been in school, they will feel good about taking the right decision at the right time. This can be considered as a motivation where they will further make efforts in going to bed at its fixed time to get sound sleep.

Make them comfortable at night

Does your teen feel scared about sleeping in the dark? If yes, then be careful about what they watch. Do they watch scary movies? If yes, then beware before it is too late. Tell them strictly not to watch programs which have a negative impact on their mind. You can equally motivate them with rewards as they listen to you. Many teens are more comfortable sleeping with a night light.

Remove the clock

Is your teen in the habit of checking the clock too often which results in depriving him/her of sleep? If yes, then be careful. Since if he/she continues to check the clock, then it is better to place it at the spot where it is difficult for him/her to view right from where he is sleeping.

Your teen should eat the right quantity at its fixed time

Do you know that as a guardian it is your responsibility to keep a look after his/her eating needs? Yes, indeed. So he/she should have a healthy dinner, neither too light nor too heavy, or else it will make him/her uncomfortable.

Motivate your teen to get up sufficient light

As a guardian, you have to present a naturally guiding force to motivate them and one of the ideas for better sleep is to convince them to understand the importance of getting sufficient light in the morning. When the sun is bright, the light suppresses melatonin which helps to actively create the level of alertness in the teen to carry on the activities with full force. They are in a position to study with full concentration.

Avoid Caffeine

Convince your teen to avoid cola, coffee, and tea in the late afternoon. Since these drinks have caffeine and will disturb them to get proper sleep. If unchecked, it creates various dangers for the teen who may get sick and lose academically in the process. It may even impact the mental well-being and pose a danger to go into depression. Overall, when the teen is deprived of sleep for long will affect the performance at school too.

Encourage your teen to sleep early on Sunday

If your teen sleeps early on Sunday night, then it creates a systematic and a healthy beginning or else the whole week gets disturbed. For example, if the teen sleeps late on Sunday night and he/she has to get up anyhow for attending school the next morning and this will make your child sleepy for the complete week.

Help teens to better formulate their schedule

If you have seen your teens doing the homework after evening activities, then you should better suggest an earlier option in the day for the same. This will unburden them to a great extent while they can finish working with peace as well.

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the ideas for better sleep for teens. There are times when the teen faces a back-to-back hectic schedule right from sports to doing homework and meeting social commitments. So, it is the responsibility of the guardian to systemize the schedule for their ease.  Getting proper sleep is like recharging the body for taking the commitments of the next day and for a teen the pressure of completing the studies becomes even more. So, teens require proper sleep and the aforesaid post has categorically mentioned various important ideas to help them attain comfortable sleep. There may be once in a while that your teen may have experienced a sleepless night, but if it continues then it is recommended to get in touch with a doctor.

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