Human Rights Day in India

Human Rights Day in India

 Human rights play a crucial role in making the lives of the human populace better and peaceful. Keeping the same in mind, the official authorities of the world decided to celebrate 10th December as Human Rights day. The adoption of UDHR that is the universal declaration of human rights was held on 10th December in 1948. Scroll down to know every fact about the same especially being celebrating in India.

 Since 1948, the whole globe celebrates World Human Rights Day with full enthusiasm. The credit for the celebration of this day goes to the Human Rights High commissioner i.e., the leading official of UN rights and her office who play a significant role in the annual observation of the same. On this day, we all commemorate the efforts of the organizations derived for human rights conservation along with those people who defended the rights of human beings in any way possible to make their lives hale and hearty.

Human Rights Day in India

Human Rights Day in India
Human Rights Day in India

Typically, there are numerous people whom we recognize whether individually or as a part of any group, an organization working for the welfare of the human populace. Along with that, there are a plethora of governmental as well as non-governmental organizations that actively show their participation in making the real motto of Human Rights day successful.

The main motive of Human Rights Day is to spread the word regarding the articles and rights that humans get under UDHR. Some of those are listed below.


  • Every human being deserves to live with dignity and rights.
  • All human beings can claim their rights set forth under UDHR regardless of their belongingness to any caste, race, color, religion, nation, sex, or other distinct categories.
  • Each human being has the right to liberty, life as well as being secure in all manners.
  • Nobody shall be a slave as slavery is strictly prohibited regardless of any form.


The list of articles under UDHR does not end here but these are merely a few examples taken from the same. All-in-all, UDHR constitutes policies that lead to the peaceful living of humans globally.

Human Rights Day India

When it comes to the special consideration of India, Human Rights Day is celebrated here on the same day counting 10th December. The National Human Rights Commission stated as NHRC got constituted under the 1993’s Human Rights Act. The Human Rights day in India does not merely promote the importance of Human Rights but also guides the Indian populace to protect their rights using its Constitution. The Indian Constitution gives freedom, equality, and dignity to all its citizens. Above that, the Indian Judiciary takes the responsibility to protect human rights under their reign so that justice can be achieved in all manners for every Indian.

The Human Rights challenges in India corresponds to women trafficking, child trafficking, lack of education, child labor, conflicts, low development, and many more. The Human Rights Commission deals with the implementation of the policy guidelines so that every individual gets justice.

Not merely the Human Rights Commission, but we all should do the possible efforts to check the human rights violation if found anywhere.

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