How to Sleep with Insomnia/ Tips to beat Insomnia

How to Sleep with Insomnia/ Tips to beat Insomnia : A good-night sleep seems to become a luxury, in today’s age literally. After all, rising cases of adults complaining about lack of sleep and periodical disruptions in the process have contributed to insomnia.

Insomnia is affecting the performance and health of people as their quality of life is going down with passing weeks and months. Hence, this is where the following post addresses the tips with regards to the basic query of How to sleep with Insomnia.

How to Sleep with Insomnia/ Tips to beat Insomnia

How to Sleep with Insomnia Tips to beat Insomnia
How to Sleep with Insomnia Tips to beat Insomnia

Let’s take a look at them in detail:-

Maintain a routine of sleeping

Do you know that our body works best in a healthy routine? Yes, on the same lines, our fixed ‘wake-sleep’ hours are a must to have, as it gives an important signal to the body of when to sleep and get up. So ‘routine’ your sleeping hours for overall effective results. Select a time exactly when you feel sleepy for obvious reasons.

Eat healthy at night

Never make the mistake of taking heavy meals late at night. Since, you may experience an upset stomach forcing you to visit the bathroom frequently to relieve yourself due to an ‘overloaded’ digestive system. So, an ideal dinner implies having a light evening snack comprising of cereal with milk, etc. There are other ingredients which you can use in terms of crackers and cheese too. Also, finish dinner at least an hour before going to bed.

Watch for the time you take a sip

It is true that your frequent bathroom trips minimize and disturb your quality of sleep. Since, it becomes very difficult to sleep again. So an obvious and natural method is to check on the sips you take. The best way to cut short is to avoid taking anything 2 hours before bed. Also, if you have to go, then arrange a night-light in the bathroom to avoid sparklingly ‘bright light’ facing your eyes.

Ensure that you have a comfortable bed

It is true that you will find discomfort if your bed is too soft or too hard and that will exactly stop you to get a restful sleep. Additionally, choose a bed that is neither too small nor too large.

Cut outside noise

  • Have you ever been woken up by a loud dog sound in middle of the night?
  • Does the faucet drips threaten your sleep at some point or other?

If yes, then better be mindful. As you know that a low noise tends to be way higher due to the calm surroundings of night, so inspite of the air conditioner being ‘on’, still you are still hearing the noise, you can use a white noise app, or try earplugs.

Can’t sleep, then get up

There may be certain situations and occasions when you can’t really sleep. So what to do at that point in time? Well, simply get up rather than continue to try and tax your mind. Well, you can do things which relax your mind and one of them is reading your favorite novel. As you are fully engrossed in the same, you don’t even realize how quickly you feel sleepy. In case you are facing the problem consistently, then don’t shy from visiting the GP.

Don’t smoke

Do you have a habit of smoking? If yes, then you should also know that nicotine present in tobacco makes it hard for you to fall asleep. The chemical creates a temporary pleasure in your brain which forces you to long for more. Since, once you finish, your brain stops feeling good and you look for the next one. In short, if you are a habitual chain smoker you would have realized the extent of disturbance in sleep. So say ‘No’ to cigarettes in order to experience quality sleep.

Exercise in the day

Have you realized the occasions when you have to be very active (literally on toes) during day time? Right. When surrounded with loads of work your night becomes comfortable with proper sleep. This relates to being physically fit where the best way is to do exercises regularly in the day for reducing stress hormones which are responsible to disturb your sleep at night. Hence, exercises increase your chance for restful sleep.

It is important to finish doing the exercises at least three hours before you eventually have to go to bed. Since, it helps the body to normalize in terms of adrenaline levels, heart rate as well as body temperature which go back to its usual temperature.

Say ‘No’ to caffeine after 2 pm

It is true that your coffee comes to your rescue when you are tired and need energy post-lunch. However, experts have showcased concern that it may hamper the ability to sleep in evening. Since, surprisingly, half caffeine still remains in the body even six hours after you last had it. So, on any given night when you fail to get proper sleep, then you rely heavily on caffeine next day to get required energy. All of that builds in your body, as you try to sleep at night. Rather have lots of water and include more proteins, whole grains, and habituate yourself with regular walking.

Write down your worries

Does it happen that the moment you lie on bed, you automatically start to worry about next day? If yes, then don’t worry. Just before you actually go to bed, simply write about the things you have to do in terms of planning and preparation for the day. This stops you to generate thoughts and worries right when you want to actually doze off.


Final Thoughts

This is how the post concludes with the tips regarding how to sleep with Insomnia. Follow the aforesaid tips for experiencing a pleasant change in your life. Since, life is beautiful and you deserve to enjoy the passing minutes and hours. Hopefully, the post will give you moments to enhance your quality of sleep. However, if you haven’t experienced much of a difference and you are looking for the answer of how to sleep with Insomnia, then change your diet and daily routine or get in touch with a healthcare provider.

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