How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally : Haven’t you met people in the office slightly angry or disturbed right in the morning itself? Well, the chances are that they may haven’t slept properly the previous night. Sleep deprivation causes anxiety. Well, it is important to know the method of having a confident approach towards life. It mainly comes when you are at peace mentally. Sleep is a natural healing mechanism which also strengthens the immune system. People with fixed sleep and wake schedules usually don’t experience high blood pressure or heart related ailments. It is not hard to imagine our drooping shoulders or aching body after insufficient rest. It is said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and proper rest can ensure both.

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally
How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally

So, how to sleep better at night naturally? Well, the following post will enlighten you in detail:-

Don’t let exposure of light disturbs your sleep

Have you ever experienced that somewhere from a corner of the room, light from outside seeps in and become the basis for sleep distraction?  If yes, then use thick curtains which block the light. You can also use ‘sleep-mask’ for a sound sleep. Don’t place the clock right in front or else you will be tempted to look again and create unnecessary pressure in the event of not getting proper sleep.

Create a scenario where body is ready for sleep

How difficult is it to resist the temptation of caffeine or alcohol during night time? Well, it is hard to avoid the same. Unfortunately, all of them can disturb your sleep altogether. In short, we have to carefully choose what we eat and drink. It is important to avoid them closer to the time of your sleep. Not only you will feel the urge to frequent the washroom but it also disturbs melatonin levels.

Avoid extra hours of sleep during weekends

You know that the body responds well to ‘sleep’ and ‘wake’ schedules. But when the pattern differs with weekends then it creates a problem. Try to create a schedule where your body naturally longs to take rest at the specific time every night.

A great beginning starts with a healthy breakfast

Do you know that a healthy breakfast helps your biological clock know the proper time to get up and start the day. On the other hand, when you don’t have proper breakfast or skip it altogether, you feel low without much energy where stress level rises which literally blocks your sleeping pattern.

A big “No”  to watching mobile or television late night

It is indeed very tempting to watch mobile or television till late at night while lying in bed. We don’t realize that such a practice actually hampers our sleep as the light from the screen disturbs melatonin levels. You can substitute it by listening to music as it relaxes our mind and body.

Get plenty of natural light in the morning

It is important to catch up with the morning sun as much as you possibly can. This allows your mind to be alert and active and slowly during night, you feel sleepy. If possible try having breakfast in the garden or at a place accessible with sun for obvious reasons.

Create a healthy routine

You have to be cautious and careful regarding the way you design your routine. It is not difficult to understand that if you are lying idle for most of the day without indulging in activities, then getting proper sleep may not be easy. Hence, create a healthy routine like doing yoga to enhance flexibility and peace of mind. Similarly, have a healthy lunch and try taking 15-20 minutes to walk amidst fresh air.

Challenge the effect of ‘after-dinner’ sleepiness

It is true that after having dinner one may experience sudden drowsiness immediately, even though there is sufficient time to go to bed. Try to engage yourself. You can listen to music or talk with your friends, mothers or do household chores such as wash utensils for breakfast next day or iron clothes. However, if you immediately sleep, then chances are that you get up in the later part of the night and disturb your sleep altogether.

Don’t take caffeine excessively

It is true that our unhealthy lifestyle has become the biggest source of concern as it is directly related with sleep deprivation. Popular drinks in the form of tea, coffee or even sodas shouldn’t be taken in excess. While many in the quest of getting instant energy, use caffeine as it overcomes sleepiness of day time. However, it has side effects such as sleep deprivation when considered on a long term basis. So, importantly you should carefully monitor the amount of caffeine including other drinks and don’t take too close while you sleep at night.

Create a favorable scenario for children

A guardian is responsible for helping children to be safe and secure at the time of sleeping in the dark room at night. It is important that your child should avoid watching scary shows on mobile or television. If your child finds discomfort while sleeping in the dark, then switch on a dim light for a favorable scenario.

Eat light before bed time

Your diet is equally important apart from your routine. While your lunch should obviously be associated with a larger meal, and your dinner should consist of a lighter meal. This will conveniently create a favorable scenario to sleep soundly without having the pressure of a ‘full-stomach’.

Adjust the temperature of room

Your body at the time of bed in a cooler room releases heat for a faster sleeping process. Hence, the ideal room temperature is usually considered between 61 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. So, adjust it accordingly.


Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading the post on how to sleep better at night naturally, you can well be in a position to make things fairly easy and systematic for yourself. Usually, we tend to sleep in sometime after lying on bed at night. Many factors count such as our tiring and aching bodies as well as the routine we adopt during the day along with eating habits etc. After all, sleep has no substitute. Hence, try to get a sound sleep so that your face can be ‘fresh’ the next day.

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